Spend a Day in Slow Motion
Michael Goddart

Spend a day in slow motion.  Plan ahead and really dedicate a whole day to moving in slow motion.  When you're moving about your house, going to work, eating, and so on, slow. . . down.  Whatever your speed, concentrate on cutting it in half.  Remember to breathe.  Find your most comfortable, slow rhythm and breathe slowly and fully as you go about each task, happily remembering your Higher Power when you do so.  As you finish one thing and take off for another, you'll probably forget that you promised yourself to spend the day in slow motion.  Just remind yourself.  Keep reminding yourself and slowing down.  Pat yourself on the back for taking this time to relax and discover your natural rhythms, and enjoy this new sense of being.

Moving in slow motion is beginning to balance all the times that you hurried and pushed and strained and rushed.  Some of us operate more or less in permanent fight-or-flight mode.  We struggle with one after another urgency or deadline until everything becomes a race to beat the clock.  Even a simple trip to a hair-styling appointment becomes a race and stress.  This is not living.  This is not promoting our health, well-being, and connection to our Higher Power.  We've let ourselves be dominated by false urgency of circumstance, losing our center and natural tempo.

What is the spiritual virtue you wish to call forth here?  Finding your right speed and rhythm, according to circumstance, and following that is maintaining equipoise.  Equipoise helps you keep your head above water in the swirling undertows of the world.  Equipoise is a means to creating your present mindfulness and not losing your attention.  Present mindfulness and attention are key resources of spirituality that require constant development, yet are all too easily forgotten.

Many of us are lost in a whirlwind of activity, speeding along at full throttle, just skimming the surface of life.  At this breakneck speed, it is easy to miss the signs and scenery along the way that are always straining outside ourselves on some distant destination.  If we manage to keep going, speeding along, as soon as we reach or even near our destination (a worldly goal that promises to deliver happiness to us), another far-off, distant point takes its place and our attention.  So, we take off again with greater urgency, missing the signs and the opportunities until we crash.

Then, a back injury, a broken relationship, a major illness, or whatever challenge we're given will command our attention so that we must adjust to practice equipoise.  Without critical adjusting to achieve the much-needed equipoise, the situation will grow worse and worse.

We are toddlers in this game of spirituality.  A Saint is able to move at a seemingly breakneck speed yet maintain perfect equipoise, with their attention wholly absorbed in God.  For now, just be happy to take slow, easy steps.  Take one step at a time in slow motion, maintaining your attention in God.  If you have a repetition or saying that centers your attention, you'll find it much easier to repeat it while you are moving in slow motion.  Concentrating on where you are now, dwelling in the means, not the end, is the key to gathering your attention and focusing it to engender spirituality.  When you are here now, in equipoise, concentrating on and enjoying the means, you are far better able to navigate the world.  The welcome surprise is that you'll reach your destination more readily and in far better shape.  You may even find that you've been tranquil and serene.

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By slowing down and relishing the unfolding of every experience, you
arenít choosing to be less accomplished or productive than others.
Youíre choosing to be accomplished and productive in ways they may
not even understand.  Youíre choosing to change whatís within your
own heart and mind, thereby becoming a part of the solution rather
than a part of the problem.  By no longer rushing through, youíre choosing
to stop focusing so much of your energy on the wanting and yearning,
the wishing it was done, the frustration with what hasnít happened yet; and
to make, instead, the most of every experience as it unfolds at its own pace.

Nea Justice



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My life had become an endless race against the clock. I was always in a hurry,
scrambling to save a minute here, a few seconds there. My wake-up call came
when I found myself toying with the idea of buying a collection of One-Minute
Bedtime Stories Snow White in 60 seconds. Suddenly it hit me:  my rushaholism
has got so out of hand that Iím even willing to speed up those precious moments
with my children at the end of the day. There has to be a better way, I
thought, because living in fast forward is not really living at all.
Thatís why I began investigating the possibility of slowing down.

Carl Honorť


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