Start with the Heart
Robert H. Schuller


Listen to me!  Listen to me--I'm your heart.  Why do you never dare to let me be free to become what I was born to become?  Your passionate power.  Why do you close the door to me when I laugh and cry?  When I sing my songs of hopes and hurts?  Why do you always want to control everything and everyone who touches you--even me!

I'm your heart.  There are mysterious, warm, refreshing, and renewing moods that I want to share with you!  Forceful, fortifying, friendly feelings live with me.  Why do you shut me out of your power plays?  Are you afraid that I'll embarrass you?  Or are you perhaps afraid that I'll upstage you?

I could and would be your best friend.  Be honest with me.  You don't need to be afraid to tell me if you're tired, bewildered, confused, or overwhelmed.  I'm the one and only friend you can trust with your secret dreams and your sad hurts--and even your vain ambitions.

Come to me.  Are you lost?  I can see another way from where I live.  The heart can see a path that's out of sight to the head--a path you'll surely overlook, left alone on your lofty perch up there, too distracted by your world to see the real world where I live.  I live on the level of laughter, tears, and--yes--prayer.

Believe me, if you remain alone--nothing but mental muscle--you'll lose heart; and if you do, you'll give up and fail.

You must know that you need me.  You're lost without the joy that I alone can give.

You're always so busy and in such a hurry that you never have time to sit alone with me.

When was the last time you "searched your heart"?  You always have time for your "friends."  You've made a lot of strong but strange and foreign acquaintances through the years, but will they prove to be your true friends at the end of the road?

Few (if any) of them know me.  You've never introduced them to me.  You listen to them without thinking what it means to me to be kept apart!  Oh, my head--open a door to me!

I'm your heart!

Go now to the secret drawer where you keep the extra keys, that drawer you haven't touched for years.  Inside is the key that will release the joyful tomorrows that only I can give you.  It's the key to our private place, where only the two of us can go.  Find it.  Open the door.  Turn and smile at me again.  Call for me to come to you.  Touch me.  Invite me to join you alone.  Here we'll listen to each other.  We'll love each other.  Laugh together.  Cry together.

Yes, we need each other.  What's power without comradeship?  What's success without spiritual fulfillment?  What's a head without a heart?

I have words you need to hear.  I have music to lift you from your loneliness.  Listen to me, my best one, my bright and wise one.  For too long you've been controlled by the loud sounds and the sirens on the fast road where you run every day.  The chaotic sounds confuse you.

You need a peaceful power that only I can give you.  Do you hear a soft sound now?  A distant voice?  A far-off melody?  What is it?  What have you been missing?  Who's out there--crowded out, pushed away in the wild scene where you've been living?  It's I--the silent spirit you haven't felt.

It's I.  I'm calling your name.  I'm your best friend.  I'm your heart calling out for you to welcome me back to your side, to fill your emptiness with the private power of my passionate presence.

Come!  Let us sing together a new song.  Here are the happy words by Santayana:

Oh world, thou choosest not the better part.
It is not wisdom to be only wise
and on the inward vision close the eyes
But it is wisdom to believe the heart.
Columbus found a world and had no chart.
Save one that faith deciphered in the skies.
To trust the soul's invincible surmise
was all his science and his only art.
Our knowledge is a torch of smokey pine
that lights the pathway, but one step ahead
across a void of mystery and dread.
Bid then the tender light of faith to shine
by which alone the mortal heart is led
into the thinking of the Thought Divine.

Listen to me, my honored one, for God lives within your heart.  Come to me.  Sense the Holy Spirit that fills this heart of yours.  Connect with me and come to love and listen to the God within you.

Addressing goals, priorities, planning, commitment, timing and fortitude, Schuller's practical, upbeat lessons show readers how to ignite the "dynamic energy" that allows them to realize their opportunities for success, joy and fulfillment. Peppered with autobiographical anecdotes and the real-life success stories of people from every walk of life, If It's Going To Be, It's Up To Me is a profoundly inspirational vision of belief in action.


When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.

Milan Kundera
The Unbearable Lightness of Being


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