Suspending Judgment
Brenda Anderson


Suspending Judgment is the gateway skill of the Power Zone.  This choice will help get you out of the Fear Zone, where you most likely ended up after making some sort of negative judgment.  Suspending Judgment opens up other possibilities and saves you a huge amount of upset and stress. . . . No matter how dire a situation appears, if you resist the urge to attach too quickly to a position, you allow for the possibility that it might not be so bad and that perhaps even good things may result.

Perhaps you have to find a new day-care provider and feel upset about this change for your child, only to find that you're both thrilled with the new situation.  Or maybe you've faced an involuntary reorganization or job transfer that turned out better than you could have imagined.  A friend of mine in California was once laid off from a software company and doubled her income two years later in a position she probably never would have looked for if her first job had continued.

The more you Suspend Judgment, the more peaceful your life will become.  You'll feel much more philosophical and less emotionally addicted to life's normal ups and downs.  This is not to be confused with losing your edge.  In fact, you'll be working the exponentially powerful Energy Edge, because you'll be able to think more clearly, with less emotional charge.

By Suspending Judgment you move to a higher frequency, where every action has more power, and you will directly benefit from the Energy Edge.

You'll be unclouded by fear and upset and will move toward gaining new wisdom.  You'll enjoy life more when you Suspend Judgment because you won't be limited by all your opinions.  You'll also waste less energy becoming upset.  Often people become very angry and direct a lot of energy toward judging when the real story turns out to be completely different from what they imagine it is.

Suspending Judgment is perhaps the most important high-energy choice because it opens the door to possibilities you can't imagine.  Suspending Judgment stops a downward spiral before it begins and allows you to make more powerful, and less obvious, choices.  You'll tap into the Field and experience frequent creative breakthroughs, better one-on-one relationships, and less negativity in your life.  Your broader perspective will give you better balance.  Both on and off the job, your actions will be congruent with your intentions.  As a result, you will feel more energy at the end of the day and be far less likely to burn out.

When you Suspend Judgment, you allow for many options you haven't even considered.  Let go of all your ideas about life as usual and open yourself to a new perspective, at home and at work.  Detaching but still participating, you'll know when to put your mind in neutral instead of pressing the gas and throwing it into fifth gear.

The Old Way of Doing

Life as usual for most of us includes opinions about those we encounter and interpretations of events that stay fixed in our minds.  When you make a judgment, you unconsciously set into motion a certain chain of events.  You tap into the Field without even realizing it, sending your energy into directions you may not actually want them to go in.  A conclusion means an end point.  No more processing.  No more possibility.  Once you make a judgment, you become attached to a certain approach, limiting the possible results.  Things aren't always what they seem, and when you lock into one point of view, you close the door to other opportunities.

When you jump to conclusions, charging full speed ahead and inventing more rules and regulations, all based on control, then you're making low-energy choices.

Choices have power.  Too often, people make the wrong choices and end up feeling victimized, unaware that deep within lies the power to control their own destiny.  Brenda Anderson defines ten "energetic choices," or approaches to life, ranging from "black hole" and "head tripping" to "suspending judgment" and "lightening up."  She shows readers how to make positive changes in their own life approach, changes that allow them to tap into the transformative power of The Field, the universal force that connects everything and everyone.


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