The Guru Is Dead
Jaden Rose Phoenix

Once you learn to trust yourself, you realize that the time is past to follow another unquestioningly.  The way to personal power is increasingly up to you and your willingness to develop it.  Working together and sharing knowledge is not what I'm speaking about here at all.  When you are just setting forth on a conscious path, taking workshops or going to conferences can be invaluable, as others may be able to provide you with some shortcuts.  In addition, gathering together to create more expansive states through field effects can also be useful to the process of gaining your own power.  Learning from those who are further along the path or receiving grace from a guru is not necessarily a bad thing.  The problem is when you give your power away.

While it may have been useful in the past to blindly follow the rules and biddings of someone acknowledged as being further along in their path, the time is quickly approaching where we must have our own powers fully sourced.  Do you ask your mentor questions such as, "What should I do next?  Where should I live?  What career path should I follow?"  If so, then you are giving away your power.  A better question to ask is, "How can I tell which career path I should follow?"

A great mentor will help you develop the skills you need to trust in your own power and discernment.  If your mentor tells you that you can't trust yourself, and you need to check with him or her to make sure you don't screw up your spiritual path, than I would highly recommend running, not walking, in the opposite direction.

If you've found yourself in situations where you've given away your power to a mentor or teacher, then don't beat yourself up.  I too have had these situations.  Have I had teachers that exploited my trust?  Yes.  But always I remember that it takes two to tango.  I can berate the teachers for being power-hungry, or for their own personal failings, but the situation only happens when I give away my power.  Reclaiming your power is all that is needed.  Move along your path a little wiser.  You are really the only person responsible for your path.

How can you tell if a teacher or mentor is one you should be learning from?  Well, if I were to tell you that you don't know enough to choose your teachers, so you should check with me first, that would be a big red flag.  Run!  If the teacher says, "I cover that in my workshop next weekend, would you like to sign up?"  Well, this is reasonable.  It is more effective time-wise and energy-wise to share information with a group rather than with each person individually.  And compensation for sharing what they know is not unreasonable, either, even in matters of spirit.  However, if the teacher says, "You must commit to my five-year program and tithe 50% of your income," that's a red flag.  I don't care if this person can levitate and walk through walls; being his student is not going to move you more fully into your own power.

Also watch and learn from the way the teacher interacts with current students.  Does the teacher celebrate the successes of the students?  What happens when a student outperforms the teacher?  A good teacher wants this to happen.  The best teachers want their students to become colleagues, acknowledging that the student is there to teach the master as well.  If your prospective teacher wants to take credit for the students' successes, or is competitive with rather than supportive of the advanced students, then I'd recommend treading carefully.  And lastly, anyone can be a teacher.  There are advanced beings doing great work on Earth, and connecting with them can benefit you.  And even the most unlikely being can teach you much:  the grocery clerk, the prisoner, or even the stray cat.

You can learn many awesome things from teachers and mentors--regardless of whether they are egoic or humble, competitive or supportive--as long as you don't give your power away.  There is no need to throw the baby out with the bath water.  You can take what is useful, but always use your own judgment.  A good teacher may challenge you and your assumptions; in fact, your should expect this, as this is how we learn!  A good teacher may push you out of your comfort zone.  But even if your teacher is right to do so, you need to keep your own sovereignty.

Jaden Phoenix gets us out
of our heads and into
our heart space.  Suddenly
enlightenment isn't about
perfection, expectations,
or demands, but about
letting go, trusting, and
allowing the universe
to work through you.


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