Tune In
Brenda Anderson


Have you ever been run over on the information superhighway?  Do you go around in a techno trance, alternating among your cell phone, Blackberry, and computer as you dash to your next appointment?  Have you forgotten how to focus on the human being in front of you?

Most problems today stem from living in a state of disconnection, and most disconnection is caused by people feeling so rushed that they don't pay attention.  Or maybe they're so invested in their agenda, they can't take in another perspective without skewing it.  When you Tune In, you stop and get present. . . . you optimize all your senses, including your sixth sense.  You miss all these valuable insights when your mind is in the past or future.

When you Tune In, you become more open--not guarded, not protective, not on the attack, not trying to figure out what to do next.  This requires a great deal of concentration, particularly when you bounce from one activity to the next.  You start noticing how your boss interacts with others and what works best.  You get a sense of your child's state of mind before she even says a word.  You instinctively say the right thing to your friends.  When you Tune In, you interact better with everyone in your life because you understand what matters to them.

Nearly everyone has heard that we tap into only ten percent of our brain power.

Tuning In, however, enables you to override physical limitations and emotional obstacles and tap into the other 90 percent.  It also reduces stress.  You access new possibilities when you don't have any agenda other than being present to what's happening in the moment.  This enables you to connect with others in an intangible, but nevertheless very real, level. . . .

People feel it when you're completely and unequivocally focused on them.

Tuning In is a high-energy choice that aids communication and breaks down barriers, moving you out of the mundane, monotonous details and bringing you to a place where big things can happen easily and quickly.

When we don't Tune In, we're living in an altered reality that can feed misunderstandings and misconceptions.  We all have a warped, one-sided view of life.  We spend so much of our life not Tuning In because we're always thinking about the next thing, solving the next problem, anticipating what will happen, or reliving and rehashing the past.  We're daydreaming about the vacation we just took and how much fun it was.  While on vacation we're thinking how much we dread going back to work.  We're thinking about what our child should do next, even as she is trying to get our attention right now.  It takes conscious effort to Tune In.  It doesn't feel natural because we spend so much of our time mentally and physically orbiting from place to place.

We drift away so easily for two reasons.  First, we're trained from a young age to multitask, and that can be useful--if we're giving our full focus to each item that comes across our perceptual screen.  Second, our society is oriented around sound bites.  Advertisers count on short attention spans.  You and I are not wired to get present and focus.  Think about when you're in a new relationship or have just met someone.  You don't always Tune In because you're thinking about how you're coming across and wondering if you sound stupid.  You think you're enhancing the connection, but all you're doing is disengaging and disconnecting.  When you check out, you miss in-the-moment opportunities.

Have you ever experienced a sudden breakthrough, when what you picture in your head actually happens and you want to pinch yourself because you canąt believe itąs real? Would you like to create these experiences more often?
The Law of Attraction is at work in your life every hour of every day. By recognizing the patterns in your choice of thoughts you will learn how to tap into the transformative power of the quantum field, the place where we are energetically connected to everything and everyone, and anything is possible.


By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release
and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your Light.  You determine
the effects that you will have upon others, and the nature of the experiences of your life.

Gary Zukav


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