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Sometimes it's hard to tell which books are for us.  Sometimes the lessons
in a particular passage are so important that they have to be shared.
Sometimes we can't tell if we have something in common with a particular
author until we read something that's a bit longer than just a paragraph or two.
So we present to you excerpts from some of the books that have been very
special to us, books that have taught us valuable lessons over the years, in the
hope that you'll find something just as valuable for you. . . .


We just spent a lot of hours cross-referencing all of our articles and book excerpts,
and we have them all listed by topic.  You can click here to visit that page!


New Excerpts for 2018
All through the month of January we'll be adding to this list!

The Price Is Right     Zig Ziglar Commentary on Confusion     Iyanla Vanzant
Transitions     Susan L. Taylor Mistakes     John-Roger and Peter McWilliams
Like Thoughts     Rhonda Byrne Eliminate Expectations     Michael Goddart
On Solitude and Loneliness     Kent Nerburn Saying Your Thank-Yous!     Marci Shimoff
Thanksgiving Leads to Giving and Forgiving
John Marks Templeton
A Sense of Meaning Nourishes the Soul
Gordon Livingston
Appreciation     Dale Carnegie Getting to Yes     Martha Beck
Miracles Happen    Marianne Williamson Spend a Day in Slow Motion     Michael Goddart
I Am Nature's Greatest Miracle (The Scroll Marked IV)
Og Mandino
Developing into a Healthy Thinker    Sue Patton Thoele
Haven't Got Time for the Pain    Bernie Siegel Voluntary Simplicity     Jon Kabat-Zinn
Adjust Your Own Oxygen Mask before You Help Others
Regina Brett
Strengthening Life    Rachel Naomi Remen
Marriage     Neale Donald Walsch A Farmer and His Children     Michael Carroll
Seeing from the Essential Self     Martha Beck  

New Excerpts for 2017

Stop, Look, and Listen     Leslie Levine The Power of Beliefs     Sue Patton Thoele
How to Make People Like You Instantly   Dale Carnegie The Law of Giving and Receiving   John Marks Templeton
The Changing Seasons of the Moment    Christina Feldman Reach Out    Jerry White
Dwelling in the Darkness    Bernie Siegel Meaning and Purpose    Glenn R. Schiraldi
Transforming Expectations into No Matter Whats    M.J. Ryan The Five Barriers to Asking    Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen
Surrender as Victory     Gregg Levoy The Principle of Moods    Richard Carlson
An Exercise in Consciousness    Vince Poscente from "Twenty-Five Lessons for Life"    Marian Wright Edelman
Daily Miracles     Robert Fulghum The Truth about Play     Jill Murphy Long
Living More Consciously    Duane Elgin The Art of Manifestation     Lucinda Bassett
Heart Enough for the Whole Trip   Sylvia Boorstein Loving Kindness for All     Ed and Deb Shapiro
Discovering the True You     Joan Duncan Oliver  

New Excerpts for 2016


New Excerpts for 2015

The Guru Is Dead      Jaden Rose Phoenix A Habit of the Heart     M.J. Ryan
How Wonderful Life Really Is    Anna Quindlen The Scroll Marked V     Og Mandino
Don't Take Anything Personally    Don Miguel Ruiz How Do You Get Back Up?    Steve Farber
Meeting Ourselves     Dawna Markova Presence Can Diminish Pain    Richard Moss
Forces That Form Your Future    Kevin Gerald Forgiving     Bernie Siegel
How to Live on 24 Hours a Day   Arnold Bennett Small Pleasures    Andy Rooney
Practicing Observation During Everyday Life    Uma Silbey The Unhurried Imagination    Thomas and Anne Christian Buchanan Kinkade
Am I Looking for What's Right, or Am I Looking for What's Wrong?     Debbie Ford Welcome the Multitude of Opportunities to Learn    Kristen Moeller
Love Yourself    Leo Buscaglia Beginner's Mind    Christina Feldman
The Need for Love    Alan Loy McGinnis I Did It     Benjamin Zander

New Excerpts for 2014

The Leveled Life     Sue Patton Thoele Forgetting Ourselves     Dale Carnegie
How I Stopped "Waiting for Jack"   Kristen Moeller Seed Sentences:  Weeds of Flowers?   Sue Patton Thoele
Being Together:  How to Live in Harmony with Everything      Joan Duncan Oliver How to Determine If You Are Being Patient or Simply Being Chicken    Kristen Moeller
Dealing with Pain      Marianne Williamson Filling the Hole      Iyanla Vanzant
A Foolproof Formula for Success     Arthur Gordon Sigmund Wollman's Reality Test     Robert Fulghum
The Seven-Year-Old Heart     Sri Chimnoy Money as a Reflection     Shakti Gawain
The Myth of More     Marci Shimoff Transforming Feelings     Thich Nhat Hanh
Separation and Interconnectedness     Christina Feldman Our Noble Essential Dignity     Robert A. Heinlein
With Every Gain, There Is a Loss   Laura Berman Fortgang My Very Special Christmas Tree    Madeline Weatherford
The Juggler     Robert Fulghum The Gift     Rachel Naomi Remen
Developing Healthy Detachment     Lucinda Bassett from "The God Memorandum"     Og Mandino
If You Do This, You Will Never Worry about Ingratitude     Dale Carnegie  
New excerpts for 2013:

We Are Not Who We Think We Are     Ed and Deb Shapiro

Letting Go of "Spiritual" Specialness     Hugh Prather Attached or Committed    Rachel Naomi Remen
Keeping Hope Afloat     Sue Patton Thoele What Power Is Not     tom walsh
The Happiness Paradox     Matthew Kelly The Physical Channel of Intuition     Marcia Emery
Confidence     Nikki Stone Grow Down--The Wisdom of Children    Bernie Siegel
Suspending Judgment      Brenda Anderson A Heaven on Earth     John E. Wade II
The Communication Principle      Matthew Kelly Live in a Helpful, Supportive Universe    Wayne Dyer
Enjoying Everyday Beauty    Sue Patton Thoele Four Powerful Phrases     Mark DeMoss
The Scroll Marked II     Og Mandino Do You Believe in Magic?    Marianne Williamson
Stand for Something     John Kasich Nourishing Awareness in Each Moment     Thich Nhat Hanh
Allowing Yourself to Forgive      Shana Aborn Walker      tom walsh
Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts    Rachel Naomi Remen The Warmth from the Windows     Thomas Kinkade
Will This Choice Add to My Life Force or Will It Rob Me of My Energy?    Debbie Ford Finding Our Way Home      Oriah
Letting Go of Rigid Responses and Limited Answers      Hugh Prather Father Forgets     W.Livingston Larned
An Important Question       Debbie Ford  
New excerpts for 2011:

The Magic of Appreciation     Lynn Grabhorn

Weird or Normal     tom walsh Get a Life!     Anna Quindlen
Let Others Be "Right" Most of the Time    Richard Carlson Encouragement--the Helium of Life
Bernie Siegel
Receiving Your Blessings     Rachel Naomi Remen How to Change the Life You're Giving Yourself      Guy Finley
Always Do Your Best     Don Miguel Ruiz Commentary on Doubt     Iyanla Vanzant
Devotion--What Love Is      Bernie Siegel Middle Ground     Ralph Waldo Trine
A Lesson on Potential     tom walsh Money     Russell H. Conwell
Pearls of Wisdom     Rachel Naomi Remen The Rhythm of Life     Matthew Kelly
Choose the Way of Life     Leo Buscaglia Tune In     Brenda Anderson
Poverty, a Mental Disability   Orison Swett Marden  

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Here are some new excerpts for 2008:

Faith and Experience    Iyanla Vanzant

You Control Your Attitude     Jeff Keller

Look at Life through the Windshield    Patti LaBelle

The Waiver     Melody Beattie

Prescriptions for Living    Bernie Siegel

Embracing Life     Rachel Naomi Remen

Walden     Henry David Thoreau

Mindfulness of This Moment      Jon Kabat-Zinn

A Worn Out Creed     Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Do One Thing Different      Bill O'Hanlon

Mermaids       Robert Fulghum

We Talk about Death     Mitch Albom

Killing the Buddha     Melody Beattie

Self-Love       M.Scott Peck

Born with Love     Marianne Williamson

Bless Today     Charlotte Davis Kasl

Keeping It Together      Rachel Naomi Remen

How Do We Deal with Setbacks?   Gary Egeberg

On Giving        Khalil Gibran


In no particular order,
here are our older excerpts!

The Gerbil Story     Melody Beattie

Is Love an Art?     Erich Fromm

A Potent Weapon     Bernie Siegel

His Kind of Odds     Robert Fulghum

If You Feel like a Baby, Get a Baby-Sitter      Charlotte Davis Kasl

Education     Kent Nerburn

Let the Past Go     Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Getting Away from Comparisons      Alan Loy McGinnis

Intuition     Shakti Gawain

Your Higher Self    Wayne Dyer

Site to Be Developed    Bernie Siegel


Just Listen    Rachel Naomi Remen

The Direction of Your Life    Ari Kiev

The Houdini Syndrome    Bob Welch

The River of Feelings    Thich Nhat Hanh

On Giving    Kent Nerburn

The Te of Piglet    Benjamin Hoff

Think of What You Have    Richard Carlson

Taking Charge by Taking Responsibility
Dan Millman

You May Not Know What Really Matters     Elaine St. James

Gratitude:  Why and for What?    Bernie Siegel

Gratitude    Sarah Ban Breathnach

Giving and Receiving    Shakti Gawain

Positive Expectancy    Bill O'Hanlon

Living in the Moment    Susan L. Taylor

Pruning a Tree    Bernie Siegel

from "Self-Reliance"    Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mistakes Can Work for You    Bernie Siegel

Your Hidden Potential    Ari Kiev

Acknowledge the Totality of Your Being    Richard Carlson


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