Thinking Straight
in a Crooked World
Sheryl Ellis


The Journey Within

We are magnificent explorers of the universe.  If there is anything new under the sun... we will find it.  Throughout modern history, we have primarily focused on discovering the world around us.  Yet, it is the extraordinary world within that seems to hold the most promise for changing the way we view our universe.

Our inner and outer worlds have long been thought of as distinctly separate environments.  In recent years, we have come to realize not only the intricate connection between our mind and body, but the inter-relatedness of EVERYTHING.  Mind-body, inner-outer.  What exists in one, dwells in the other.  Much like the image reflecting from a pond, when we alter one, it automatically modifies the other.

As we delve into the mysteries of the mind we begin to honor the incredible strength of thoughts, dreams, and imagination.  Long thought of as a poor use of time, daydreaming is now looked upon with newfound respect; as the birthplace of all things.

Mass is energy.  We are energy.  The world around us is composed of mixed densities of energy.  Thought is 'energy in motion'.  We have seen the amazing potential when energy is specifically focused; such as ultra sound and laser surgery.  Is it possible, by mastering the ability to mentally change the energy within us, we will soon effortlessly transform the world around us?   Why does a candle's flame obey our mental commands?

Why does an upbeat attitude and confident thoughts produce positive results in our lives?  What is the true power of prayer?  Do we have the unlimited ability to create ANYTHING in our lives?  Are our minds the 'greenhouse of the universe'?  When we consider the wonders of ancient civilization, such as Stonehenge and the pyramids, is it possible we once mastered the ability to mentally manifest and shape matter? 

Will the workplace soon become the interiors of our minds?  If our minds are the birthplace of reality, how do we make them work for us, instead of against us?

Recognizing we are not at the whim of fate, circumstances or events in our lives has elevated us to the stature of mini-gods.  During the next few years, equipped with knowing HOW our thoughts drive the direction of our everyday lives, we will learn precisely HOW to get what we want.

Welcome to the New World, an age where we will master HOW to continually alter our surroundings, using the power of our minds.


Learning HOW to create the life you wish to live starts with spring cleaning.  Many of us have held to beliefs that no longer fit.  For example, the very idea you are powerless to change your life circumstances is out-dated and does not serve you well.  Ideas such as these will undermine the ability to arrange your life in a way that brings you abundance and joy.  Consider the beliefs listed below as your new wardrobe.  They may not fit quite right in the beginning, but soon they will start to feel more familiar and comfortable.

Copy them onto 3X5 cards and repeat them to yourself, slowly, and reflectively, at least 5 times a day.  Carry these cards wherever you go, and read them whenever you have a spare moment.  Ideally, record them onto a cassette tape and play the tape while you drive, do housework, or are just relaxing.  Also play them while you lay in bed waiting to fall asleep.  It is not necessary to play them while sleeping, as the best time is just BEFORE you fall asleep.  Also, do not be concerned if your mind tends to drift while listening to the tape.  This trance-like or hypnotic state is the time when this mental exercise will have the most impact.

1)  I am completely responsible for what I have created in my life. What I have created, I can un-create. What I like, I can produce more of.
2)  There are no 'mistakes' as everything works toward my highest good.
3)  I am unlimited in what I can do. I am more powerful than I can fathom.
4)  How I choose to perceive and interpret the events and people in my life is
completely up to me and greatly influences the delicate eco-system in my
mind, and thus similarly influences what happens to me externally.
5)  I am only limited by my self-imposed beliefs.
Practice makes perfect.
6)  I can shine light into any dark place.
7)  The conflicts and struggles I perceive all around me are actually within
8)  Every person and event in my life is a gift, a teacher, and an opportunity
to learn.
9)  Every moment is new and it is my choice as to what it will be.
10)  I can use my imagination and dreams to provide a blueprint for what I
would like to have in my life.
11)  No matter my past, I can be any type of person I wish to be.
12)  The entire universe, from the most distant galaxy to the smallest
particle of matter, obeys my every thought.
13)  Every thought has a reaction in reality. I literally see and live what I
14)  There are no accidents or coincidences in my life.
15)  Whatever I tell myself is true... becomes so.
16)  Doubt manifests itself by canceling out what I have been trying to
17)  I am what I think.
18)  I am what I tell myself I am.
19)  Whether I do it consciously or unconsciously, I am continually shaping my
own reality.
20)  My personal source of power lies within me. Any external status or power
I appear to have is actually a reflection of an inner source of power.
21)  My personal source of inner power never fades or extinguishes. It is
22)  If I believe my strength comes from something outside of me, then it will
wax and wane as the external validity does. If it is derived from an
internal source, it is forever and will withstand anything.
23)  I am as superior, adequate and powerful as I believe and tell myself I
24)  I am constantly talking to myself about myself. This internal chatter can
be either my best friend or my worst enemy.
25)  No matter the challenge before me, I really have nothing to fear.
26)  How I treat others is a reflection of how I treat myself. If I am other's
worst critics, chances are I am beating myself up too.
27)  Every thought and action is based on either love or fear. Loving thoughts
and actions, toward others and myself, create more of the same. Fearful
thoughts and actions create more of the same. Love or fear? Ego or heart?
Judgment or acceptance?
28)  Love is the path of joy. Love is the building block of life. Love takes
the form of thoughts, words and deeds. Choosing love is like exercising any
muscle. The more it is repeated, the easier it becomes.
29)  My reality is a feedback device showing me what I am creating internally.
30)  If I do not like what I am creating, I can choose again.
31)  No one can do these things for me. My life is mine alone to master.
32)  Moment to moment, I am constantly creating who I am and the life I choose
to live.
33)  The secret to creating more of what I like... is to dwell on what I like.
34)  I am the scriptwriter and director of my own life.
35)  I Know all things are possible.
36)  Everything in life is good, if I believe it is.
37)  Everything in life has a purpose and meaning, if I look for it.
38)  Joy is attainable at any moment.
39)  My thoughts can free me or imprison me.
40)  I am the victim of nothing... except myself.
41)  Every situation is a choice.
42)  Life is about change. I am continually becoming...
43)  I can have what I want without hurting others.
44)  I will always find what I expect to find.
45)  How others perceive my actions is up to them. They are responsible for what they choose.
46)  The world is at peace only when I am at peace.
47)  I am grateful for everything in my life, as these are the building blocks of my tomorrows.
48)  In everyone- including myself- and everything, I look for something to appreciate.
49)  I am not responsible for the happiness of others.
50)  "I'm the kind of person who..." How I complete this sentence often defines who I am.
51)  "I am the type of person who can become any type of person I want." In this statement I allow for self-empowerment.
52)  I have the ability to selectively focus on those things that are positive and feel good, and this increases abundance in my life.
53)  Unless I discipline my thoughts, they become the rider and I become the horse.
54)  Send a clear message to the universe of what is wanted by writing a step-by-step plan. Consider it a 'wish list'. I am more likely to get what I want by clearly spelling it out. Knowing where I want to go is all I need to get there. Draw a roadmap.
55)  My relationships with others are sacred territory for they are the arenas in which I grow.
56)  If I focus on the obstacles in my path I will encounter many more.
57)  I have everything I need, right here and now, to be whatever I choose to be.
58)  I am NOT my emotions or my thoughts anymore than the sky is a cloud. For I am vast and at any moment determine which emotions and thoughts I will shine through... or allow to drift past.
59)  My beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and perceptions are nothing more than the cellophane I hold in front of the truth.
60)  I focus on my abilities and accomplishments as if I am my number one fan.
61)  I can erase pain by re-framing it, looking at it with a different perspective. In this way, even an unfortunate past can become my greatest asset.
62)  By embracing, valuing and appreciating all that is in my life, I find diamonds in coal.
63)  Resistance and judgments create pain- not the circumstance.
64)  Physical or emotional pain is a statement of imbalance. It is a reminder to me that something within is out of synch.
65)  Forgiveness of others and myself allows me to sprout wings and fly.
66)  To know my divine path I must trust my intuition.
67)  I take back my personal power when I stop blaming circumstances and others around me for whatever is good or bad in my life.
68)  Before I attempt to alter the reality I have created for myself, it is important to embrace, experience, accept and love all I have created, as all creation is good. It reminds me who I really am.
69)  All my suffering is the result of refusing to shift viewpoints.
70)  I already KNOW all I need to KNOW. I sometimes, however, need reminders. :-)
71)  By 'widening back' and becoming the rational observer in my life, I am more likely to fit the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that will bring me joy. The closer I get to something, the more likely I am to miss 'the big picture'.
72)  A conscious desire can be cancelled out if the underlying and unconscious belief is not lined up. The unconscious realm is the more powerful force in creating.
73)  I have more than 60,000 thoughts a day. Each of these thoughts produces a mirror image in my life. I have the choice to produce whatever I want. . . 60,000 times a day.
74)  I can, at any time, alter the course of my life.
75)  To best unearth the unspoken and unseen beliefs I have about myself, the best question to ask is "What am I?" The list I produce will often give me glimpses into how certain things have manifested into my life. By using this technique I am able to tap into the core beliefs about myself, underpinning every other thing I think or do. . . and as a result, experience.
76)  Lucky people are those who think continually about what they want and then attract it to their life.
77)  What I perceive in others is actually what is inside of me.
78)  Assuming the divine is all-knowing, all-loving, and all-accepting... if I were to look at myself from the perspective of the divine, what would I see?
79)  Dreams are what is possible... if I believe...
80)  I do not know what infinite possibilities exist, what all I can become and do... unless I try. Instead of seeing the limits, I see the potential in everything and everybody. I am unlimited potential.
81)  How would the Messiah have felt if the only person He could save was Himself?
82)  To prepare myself to receive blessings I can say to myself repeatedly, "I am the type of person who deserves..." and "I love myself, therefore...."
83)  Intention and attention are the keys to opening the door of manifesting what I want in my life.
84)  Love is the ever-expanding power of creation in all of me, whether I accept it or not.
85)  "What would Jesus/Buddha/The Prophet Mohammed be like in this situation?"  "What knowledge or insight might He have on this?" "What possibilities might He be able to see in this?"
86)  Each step, each movement, each breath and each moment is a holy one.
87)  Sometimes my higher self deems it necessary I go through certain experiences for my greatest good. Things I may not have consciously chosen for myself.
88)  My point of power is in the present.
89)  The greatest gift I can give myself is to always choose healthy, loving and empowering viewpoints.
90)  "What is the God of me?"
91)  I DO create what I experience-from within.
92)  I forgive myself of everything...
93)  In order to love myself, love for all other people must be seen as identical to love for self... because we are all one.
94)  My ego can be loved, and its self-destructive attachments and habits
lovingly pried from its grasp, as if I stumbled upon an infant playing with
a knife, or about to reach its tiny hand into the fire.
95)  Consciousness is required for the existence of the universe. The universe doesn't become real until it is observed.
96)  To change my current direction I have to change my philosophy, not my circumstances.
97)  The only way things are going to change, is when I change.

This article written by Sheryl Ellis, crime writer and criminologist.


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