Green Home Building Resources

More people are aware of environmental issues and concerns than ever before. For many, this means going green and, when possible, making choices that have the lowest possible negative impact on the environment. This eco-friendly behavior can be seen in various industries such as construction and home design. Home builders are increasingly shifting toward greener home building practices that are more environmentally responsible. When researching green homes, one will find resources that discuss how building green results in the more efficient use of water and energy. In addition, they will also find that these building practices reduce degradation of the environment and produce less waste and contamination. Resources for green home building also include the use of materials from renewable sources.

For more green building resources, see the list below.

  • Fun Recycling Links, Including a Guide from a Home Improvement Site: The Green Team of Carbon County website provides this list of recycling links for kids.
  • I Pledge Program for Individuals: Families who live in the city of Auburn may visit this Healthy Auburn Waters site for information on the I-Pledge program. On the page, visitors will find a sign-up form for children and individuals or families as well as a list of references.
  • Green Earth and Conservation: This Landstown Middle School web page features a list of conservation and recycling resources.
  • Epsom Normal Primary School Learning Links: Parents and teachers who visit this web page will find fun links for primary school children. The links on this page are about physics, sustainability, math topics. On this page, visitors will also find links to e-learning activities.
  • Green Colorado e-learning Articles: Visit this web page for two articles that were sent to the Green Colorado website by children. The articles are green and environmental topics.
  • Home Repair and Water Damage Restoration: Anyone whose home has water damage will want to read this information about the costs associated with water damage, including clean up and repair.
  • Kitchen Home Improvement Fads Come and Go, But the Need for Financing Holds Steady: Before remodeling the kitchen, homeowners should click this link to The Home Story website to read about top kitchen trends and associated costs.
  • The Best Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home, Including Home Repair: Visit this blog for the Building Performance Institute, Inc. to get tips on how to make one's home more eco-friendly. The page features a list of six tips and their descriptions.
  • Store Bought Drain Cleaners Doing More Harm Than Good: Before pouring store-bought drain cleaner in the sink, people should read about the potential damage that it may cause. The page also gives alternatives to using chemical drain cleaners.
  • Home Improvement and Other Information for Sellers: Anyone selling their home should click on this link for helpful real estate related links. The page also includes air quality and oil tank resources as well.
  • What May Make Home Repair After Water Damage Expensive: Restoration following water damage can be expensive depending on the extent of the damage. Read this article on the USA Home Remodeling website to read an article about water damage and the things that contribute to its expense.
  • Home Improvement Catalyst: Strategy and Framework: Click this link to visit the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. On this page, site visitors will find a link to the Home Improvement Catalyst.
  • Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans: Disabled veterans who want housing information may click this link to read about select housing grants. The page also includes information on eligibility requirements for both programs, benefits, and how to apply. Visitors to the website will also find videos.
  • Office of Consumer Protection - Home Improvements: Residents of Montgomery County can visit this Office of Consumer Protection web page for a list of questions and answers about home improvements.
  • Home Improvement Courses: Students who are interested in or taking home improvement courses at Temple University will find course links.
  • Home Decorating: People don't often think of math when decorating their home. Click on this link to the Annenberg Learner website to read a Math in Daily Life article on home decorating and math.
  • Home Improvement Assistance: The Maricopa Human Services Department offers home improvement assistance to its residents. On this page, visitors to the site will find information about the Maricopa County Human Services Department including information on what is covered.
  • Lowe's Home Improvement (Seasonal Part-Time): On this page, students at Campbellsville University will find a part-time season job ad for Lowe's.
  • Metro Home Improvement Program: Read about the Metro Home Improvement Program, which is designed to help with repairs to homes. The City of Grimes page that features this information also includes links to an application and a brochure.
  • Home Improvement Program: Torrance residents interested in home improvement will find information about the area's Home Improvement Program on this page. In addition, they are also given a link to an application and brochure.
  • Home Improvement Classes: Get information on the home improvement classes offered at Erwin Technical College by clicking on this link. People interested in taking this class will find information such as class dates, prerequisites, and other pertinent details.

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