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An encouraging journey. . . .
lessons on perspective.


Welcome to another humble journey of some fifteen pages of encouragement, inspiration,
and thought-provoking works.  Just follow the links at the bottom of each page to move
to the next one, and you'll be on your way.  None of these works are the final say in encouraging
or motivational material, but they all have one thing in common--if we think about them even just
a bit, we can learn something more about the lives we live.  Thanks for joining us; and now, let's go. . . .

Things to Do

Sing a new song; dance a new step; take a new path.

Think a new thought; accept a new responsibility; memorize a new poem.

Try a new recipe; plan a new adventure; entertain a new idea.

Learn a new language; blaze a new trail; enjoy a new experience.

Make a new fiend; read a new book; see a new movie.

Climb a new hill; scale a new mountain; launch a new career.

Find a new purpose; fill a new need; light a new lamp.

Exercise a new strength; grasp a new truth; practice a new awareness.

Add a new dimension; encourage a new growth; affirm a new beginning.

Discover a new answer; envision a new image; conceive a new system.

Dream a new dream; chart a new course; build a new life.

Open a new door; explore a new possibility; capture a new vision.

Start a new chapter; seek a new challenge; express a new confidence.

Write a new plan; turn a new page; follow a new direction.

Watch a new program; be a new person; radiate a new enthusiasm.

William Arthur Ward


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Sometimes it rains on the just.  I believe that.
Sometimes it rains on the unjust.  I believe that, too.
But I also believe that sometimes it just rains.
Neither God nor Justice or belief has anything to do with it.



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