March 3

Today's quotation:

To take and to live always in the attitude of mind
that compels gladness, looking for and thus drawing
to us continually the best in all people and all things,
being thereby the creators of our own good fortunes.

Ralph Waldo Trine

Today's Meditation:

I try to look for the best in all people, but I haven't always been very good at it.  It's easier to judge and to feel pretty righteous about the judgment, to be honest.  But as time goes on and I learn more about people, I've gotten better at seeing that there is plenty of good in all people, even if those people don't let the good show as much as other people might.

Someone once said that if we treat people according to their potential rather than their current state, we'll allow them to reach that potential.  Ralph here is saying that if we draw to ourselves the best in all people, we'll benefit from that action.  And the only way to draw that "best" to us is to treat the people we're with in ways that will allow that "best" to shine through like the sun on a cloudy day when it finds that clear spot in the sky and sends down a brilliant ray of light.

We create our own lives through our thoughts and actions and beliefs.  This truth is undeniable, and has been proved time and time again.  If we draw to ourselves the best the world has to offer by giving to the world the best that we have to offer, then we can be sure that our lives will be rich and full, and that our fortunes (not money!) will also prove to be as rich as they can be.

Spread gladness and cheer.  When you do, others will give back to you even more gladness and cheer than you shared with them to begin with!

Give to the world the best you have,
And the best will come back to you.

Madelyn S. Bridges

Questions to consider:

Do you "compel gladness" in other people?  How?

What does it mean to you to be the "creator of your own good fortune"?

Do you think that we can really make our own lives brighter by making other people's lives brighter?

For further thought:

Each of us has the power of making happier,
sunnier, the little spot wherein our daily life is spent.

Archbishop of Canterbury


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