May 29

Today's quotation:

Other people do not have to change for us
to experience peace of mind.

Gerald Jampolsky

Today's Meditation:

How nice it would be if other people would change to fit our images of what they should be like.  If I could cause this to happen, no one would tailgate me any more, no one would be rude to me or other people, everyone would respect everyone else and we'd see no crime or abuse in the world any more.  I've got a feeling, though, that this isn't going to happen.

When I think of how many times I've temporarily let go of my own peace of mind because of how other people have acted, I realize that I've wasted a lot of time being upset for absolutely no reason at all.  The loss of my peace of mind was my choice as a response to circumstances, and it was not caused by anyone else.  People can do what they wish in life, and it's up to me if I'm going to lose or keep my peace of mind.

Peace of mind is an inner quality that we often allow to be changed by happenings outside of ourselves.  And while there definitely are many terrible things that happen in the world and some might ask "How can we have peace of mind with all the bad things going on?," I know that I can best help others who are dealing with bad things by maintaining my peace of mind.  If I keep my peace, then I can be a better friend and I can be a more effective helper when times get tough.

Nobody takes our peace of mind from us--we allow it to leave ourselves.  In order to get it back, nobody else at all needs to change--we just need to reclaim it and appreciate it and hold it in our hearts.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of things tend to make you let go of your peace of mind?

Why do so many people think that peace of mind is dependent upon outer influences and other people's actions or words?

When do you feel the strongest peace of mind?  How might you hold on to that feeling at other times?

For further thought:

The important thing to remember is that peace comes from within your own heart and mind, not from some outside source, and when you refuse
to be disturbed by things about you, life will flood your being with dynamic energy.



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