April 13

The thing always happens
that you really believe in;
and the belief in a thing
makes it happen.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Today's Meditation:

This has been one of the most difficult truths for me to grasp throughout my life.  I've had a hard time believing that much of what goes on in my life, many of the things that happen to me, are happening basically because of the ways that I look at the world.  When people have hurt me, I can see in retrospect that it came about because I believed that people would hurt me.  When financial problems have set in, it's usually been a result of my beliefs that I somehow would always have financial problems.

It's very important that we recognize this dynamic, because it's very important that we examine our belief systems.  Many people are caught up in destructive relationships because they've always believed deep down that they were unworthy of someone better.  Many people are stuck in jobs that they hate because they somehow believe in their hearts that work is meant to be unpleasant and meaningless, and that they don't deserve a decent job with decent pay.

It's also very important, though, that we don't start playing the blame game--these beliefs aren't our fault, so to speak.  They've developed as we've grown, all our lives long, like our hearts and our lungs have developed:  steadily and out of sight.  But even though we can't blame ourselves, we also can't allow the negative beliefs continue to disrupt our lives and harm us.  We do have to examine our core beliefs and find those that are damaging, and then do the work necessary to replace them with positive beliefs if we're ever to find improvement.  No knight in shining armor is going to show up to do it for us--it's work that we must do ourselves.  And we must do it soon if there's to be any change soon.

Once we replace--truly replace--the old beliefs with positive new ones, we'll find a huge change in our lives.  We'll find that things that we've always wanted to happen will start happening, for now we truly believe that we deserve the good things in life.  We'll find that things that we've always wanted to do are now possible, for we truly believe in our own abilities, talents, and potential.  And once that shift happens, not even the sky is the limit. . . .

Questions to consider:

How do our belief systems take root?  Are we in control of the process?  Are they even our beliefs?

How could it be possible that our beliefs can influence what happens in our lives?  Can they affect our actions and lack of action? 

What would you have to do to actively change a belief that you've held, either consciously or unconsciously, for a long time?

For further thought:

If deep down you feel unlovable, you will attract into your life those who are incapable of loving you.  And even those who happen along who are very loving, will suddenly find themselves being unloving towards you.  If you have a belief that the people who love you will leave you, then sure enough, it will happen.  Over and over again.  So you had better become aware of your unconscious beliefs.  They are creating your experience of life.  They are based on your past experiences, and mostly they are formed in your early childhood.  As long as these beliefs remain unconscious, there is no way to be released from them.

Leonard Jacobson



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