April 23

Life is an adventure
in forgiveness.

Norman Cousins


Today's Meditation:

Over and over in life, we're called to forgive someone else for something that they've done.  Over and over in life, we hope that other people will forgive us for something that we've done.  So much of what we do is done in carelessness and ignorance that it's little wonder that forgiveness is so often necessary--and if we're not ready and willing to forgive and to accept the forgiveness of others, then we're setting ourselves up for some very hard times, and we're pulling ourselves out of and away from peace of mind and peace of spirit.

Most things that need forgiveness are not done in a spirit of meanness or anger.  They aren't done with the intent to hurt or to damage.  They're simply done because someone doesn't think before they say or do something, or because they're trying to impress another person whom they think they need to impress.  In these cases, forgiveness is fairly easy, and we all move on with our lives.

It does get more difficult to forgive a person, though, when it's obvious that the harm done was intentional.  In these cases, we often lose our trust of the other person, and we lose our desire to have anything to do with the other person (if we even had it in the first place).  In these cases, though, it's important that we keep in mind that our forgiveness is something that is necessary to us, ourselves, if we're ever to move on with our lives without dragging around a ball and chain that weigh us down and keep us from living our lives fully.

Personally, I find forgiveness to be difficult, but it's that very difficulty that makes me pursue it more strongly.  I know that the difficult things in life are often the most important, and if it's hard for me to forgive, then I need to push harder to be able to forgive.  Life demands that we forgive, and peace of mind and spirit is impossible if we're holding a simmering pot of resentment inside our minds.  Forgiveness is one way that we can improve our mental and emotional state significantly, and it's absolutely free, there for us to access when we decide to.

Questions to consider:

Why is forgiveness so often so difficult for us to share?

What are some benefits of forgiving others for the perceived wrongs that they've done to us?  What are some benefits of accepting the forgiveness that others extend to us?

What are some of the obstacles to forgiveness in your own life?

For further thought:

Forgiveness is an act of love.  As I forgive, I release negative energy that may manifest as resentment or anger.  I open the way for something positive to happen.  If I feel wronged or annoyed, I release the impulse to judge.  The lines of communication remain open, and understanding flows freely.  Relationships with family, friends and colleagues flourish when I act with compassion and easily forgive.  I relate to others in harmonious ways.  I exercise the same forgiving attitude toward myself.  If I have erred, I learn from it and move on.

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