April 28
When one is out of touch
with oneself, one cannot
touch others.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh


Today's Meditation:

What does it mean to be "out of touch with" myself?  I think I see this in people when they seem to be making decisions based on what other people want, when they allow other people to manipulate them, when they aren't willing or able to be assertive in their relationships.  Not aggressive--just assertive, and willing to let others know what they want and don't want.  And perhaps that's the crux of the matter--they don't really know what they want themselves, for they've never taken the time necessary for reflection, never allowed themselves to be alone long enough to seriously consider what's important to them and what they expect from life, from other people, and from themselves.

It's important to remember, though, that if we want to be helpful and useful to other people, we have to be comfortable with ourselves.  If our own affairs aren't in order emotionally or physically or intellectually, then just how can we help others to get in touch with themselves?  While some would call the attitude selfish, it's definitely true that we should take care of ourselves first, for then we can be helpful to others.  I've worked with far too many teachers who aren't very helpful to their students because there's too much going on in their own lives that they're not in touch with--they've never taken the time to deal with important issues, so they bring them into the classroom in the form of judgmental attitudes, impatience, lack of preparation, and other behaviors that really shouldn't be a part of the classroom.

I want to touch others in a positive way.  If I want to do this, I need to slow down and be in touch with my own needs, and then make sure they're met.  Then I can effectively help others.

Questions to consider:

Why do so many people neglect themselves while trying to help others?

What are some ways that you could get in touch with yourself? 

When was the last time that you took time for reflecting upon your own needs and how to fulfill them?

For further thought:

You are a child of the universe, “fearfully and wonderfully made.” In the history of creation, there has never been anyone like you.  Accept this reality about yourself—that you are a special, unique human being who has a place on this earth that no one else can fill.  Acknowledge yourself as a glorious expression of your loving Creator.  This healthy self-love will form the foundation of a joyful and satisfying life.  Then, as you love and accept yourself, your inner light will shine outward to bless and heal your fellow human beings.

Douglas Bloch


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