August 4
There are no little events in life; those
we think of no consequence may be full
of fate, and it is at our own risk if
we neglect the acquaintances and
opportunities that seem to be casually
offered, and of small importance.

Amelia Barr


Today's Meditation:

This is a lesson that I wish I had learned much, much earlier in life.  I've had plenty of situations happen and people come into my life that I mistook as completely unimportant, truly of no consequence at all, only to find out later that those situations and people were truly important to me in my life.  I remember treating people rather dismissively, thinking I'd never see them again, only to end up needing their help later.

When we pay attention to things and treat each person and situation with dignity and respect, then we don't have to worry about them coming back to us later.  When we realize that the whole of any puzzle is made up of small, seemingly insignificant pieces, we can keep in mind that the minor occurrence of this morning can do a lot to developing our character and reflecting our character, demonstrating what we have learned or what we still need to learn.  The incident in the supermarket can show us how far we have come in learning patience, or how far we still need to go to learn patience.

Awareness of the importance of the things that seem unimportant can be one of the a helpful part of our growing and learning processes.  Not only that, but when we see that the people in our lives are important to us, we treat them better--and that can help them in their lives, too.  Continuing to think that anything is "little" or "insignificant" is simply a way to continue being judgmental, when we all know that's not the best way for us to be. 

We risk a lot when we trivialize anything.  Mostly, we risk not seeing and learning the lessons that we truly need to see and learn.  We don't need to overanalyze all that we go through to come up with specific answers about just what everything means, but it would be helpful if we were to treat things and people with the respect they deserve.

Questions to consider:

When was the last time something that seemed unimportant turned out to be extremely important to you?

How can we recognize the importance in the seemingly trivial and unimportant events of our days?

Why is it important to stay aware of what we still need to learn and strengthen?

For further thought:

Remember it is the little things
the work is done through.

W. Q. Judge


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