December 17
  I don't want to live--
I want to love first,
and live incidentally.

Zelda Fitzgerald


Today's Meditation:

The underlying message here is very clear:  if we spend our time loving others, then we will live well without really needing to put effort into it.  If we focus on giving what we can to others, helping them as much as we can, being there for them, loving them without condition, then we're bound to have a full and happy life.

Sometimes I find that my best days are those during which I've spent my time focused on a goal or a task that is very important to me, something that keeps me so occupied that I don't give any attention at all to what I should "do" with my day.  But because I've given my all to something important, that day turned out beautifully, better than I ever could have made it turn out as the result of effort.

Love can be like that.  When we realize that love is an action, that it does take effort, we then find ourselves facing the question of just how much effort we should put into it.  Usually, it's about making decisions based on the question, "What would love do now?"  What would a loving, caring person do in this situation?  How would that person act, and what would the desired result be?  How can I give in a loving way so that the people in my life know that I do love them, even if the word "love" is never used?

"I want to love first."  This is an amazing call, an idea that makes so much sense that it's almost frightening that we don't hear it more often.  If our focus is on loving others--and do we remember "love thy neighbor as thyself"?--then we can expect to find our lives falling softly and clearly into place as we put our attention and effort into the love that we share with the world.

Questions to consider:

How can we start to "love first, and live incidentally"?

Why do most of us focus on achieving and doing rather than on loving?

What are some of the potential problems that can arise from neglecting to love the other people with whom we share the world, and the world itself?

For further thought:

When you commit yourself to living love, you feel at peace
with yourself because you are at harmony with the flow
of life.  Viewing life from the highest perspective, you feel
confident and secure.  You realize that no matter how
things may appear, you are loved and protected.  You
know you are one with God, and you bring your
peace with you wherever you go.  You’re not
looking for love, but for opportunities to love.

Susan L. Taylor

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