December 21

Earth's the right place for love:
I don't know where it's
likely to go better.

Robert Frost


Today's Meditation:

This line is from one of Robert's poems, called "Birches."  In it, he talks of swinging birches, climbing them until the weight of the climber causes the tree to bend, so far that the climber, if he or she climbs high enough, is set back down upon the ground.  He says that it's important to him to "get away from earth awhile" (climbing the tree), but "then come back to it and begin over" (being set back down on the ground).  He says that while earth is often a difficult place to be with tremendous challenges and pain, it still is the place that offers us love, and is still the place he prefers to be.

There is much love here on this planet.  There are also many bad things, but there is, above all, much love.  We do love each other well when we do love, and it's important that we stay focused both on giving love and on letting others love us.  Some people find life difficult to deal with partly because they're not able to recognize love when they see it and feel it--the love is definitely there, but because it doesn't come in the ways that we expect it, we often don't even see it. 

One of the things that we can do to rectify this situation is to spend more time looking for it--not searching it out like a quest for a holy grail, but just actually looking around ourselves to recognize it when it's there and where it is.  The man who drops some money into another's hat, the woman who does a kind deed for a co-worker, the child who draws a cool picture for a parent, the teen who offers to babysit for free because he or she knows that the parents can't afford to pay--in these and in so many other small, unnoticed acts lie the seeds of love.  And these seeds so often go unnoticed by all of us. 

Earth is a good place for love, for earth is occupied by humans, who have a wonderful potential for love.  We'll recognize this fact more easily when we open our eyes and hearts to see the love, and when we conquer the fear that we feel to share our love.

Questions to consider:

Why do so many people focus on what they perceive to be a lack of love, rather than on the presence of love and loving acts?

Why is love so important to us.  If it's so important, then why do we not make it a major focus of our lives?

How might we go about making love a more central part of our lives?

For further thought:

It is especially appropriate to say that the greatest
command, the most condensed philosophy, the wisest
success-achieving advice ever given was given by
a man who was crucified.  He summed it all up when
he said, "Love one another."  One does not really need
to fight for success.  One can love one's way to success.

Thomas Dreier

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