December 31

When you stop learning, stop
listening, stop looking and
asking questions, always new
questions, then it is time to die.

Lillian Smith


Today's Meditation:

May I never, ever stop learning.  May I never stop discovering new things, new ways of looking at old things, new perspectives on beliefs that have become entrenched in my mind and heart.  I want to constantly renew myself until the day I die, for only if I do so will I be able to help others with problems and issues that they're going through.  If I stop learning, then I'll have to stop teaching, as otherwise all that I teach will be old and irrelevant to the people who need to learn what I have to teach.

If I do stop learning, I'm telling the world "Enough!  I don't want any more of what you have to give me.  I don't want any more of your gifts, and I don't want to grow any more."  And while Lillian's last six words may seem to be harsh, aren't we committing a form of suicide when we stop learning?  Aren't we just passing time and using up oxygen if we stop learning from these wonderful lives of ours?

I have a choice about learning over the next year:  I can keep my eyes and my mind and my heart open and get as much as I can from the other people with whom I'm sharing this planet, or I can shut down, watch TV all the time for entertainment and to pass time, and just kind of exist.

This year is over, except for today's learning.  And today can serve as a good time to reflect on just what we have learned over the last year, just how we've changed as people.  Have we learned more compassion and love, and how to show that love and compassion, or have we learned more anger and hatred, and how to express those things?  If we know what we've learned so far and how we feel about that, we can find a direction or three to focus our inquiry over the next twelve months.

This coming year can be your best ever.  You can learn more in the next twelve months than you ever have before.  You just have to choose to do so. 

Questions to consider:

Why do so many people choose passive entertainment over active learning?

How might you go about expanding your learning in the next year?  Reading?  Courses?  Discussions?  Experiments?

Do you know anyone who has stopped learning?  How does that work for them?

For further thought:

Most people are just trying to get through the day.
Be committed to learn to get from the day.  Donít
just get through it; get from it.  Learn from it.  Let
the day teach you.  Join the university of life.  What
a difference that will make in your future.
Commit yourself to learning.  Commit yourself to
absorbing.  Be like a sponge.  Get it.  Donít miss it.

Jim Rohn

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