February 12
Each person must live his or
her life as a model for others.

Rosa Parks


Today's Meditation:

We all are role models.  Other people--younger and older people and people our own ages--look to us to see our behaviors, to see how we act in certain situations.  We rarely notice just how much our behavior affects others; if we noticed, it would be much easier for us to make decisions based on what we want to show other people about who we are and what we stand for.

The problem with not noticing is that we start to think that our actions truly don't matter to anyone else, that they don't affect anyone else at all.  And because of that, we don't tend to live up to high standards all the time, and we don't tend to stand for important things that could help us to be stronger people.  We don't tend to make our decisions and act based on principles and ideals; rather, we make many or our decisions based on expediency and personal gain--not keeping in mind that there is someone watching us, looking at us as a model.

If we do consciously live our lives as models for others, we can assure ourselves that we will live according to principals, and that we will make decisions based upon those principals.  Ethics will be important to us, and we'll want other people to be able to genuinely trust us.  Being a role model is a huge responsibility, and we know that we must act strongly to live up to that responsibility.

We'd be surprised, I think, at what other people notice about us.  We'd be dismayed sometimes at the things they choose to emulate about us--the little white lies, the swearing, the way they treat other people.  If we truly want to be positive role models, then we must live positive lives--there's no room for deceiving ourselves or deceiving others.

Questions to consider:

How easy is it to think that we're not role models for anyone else?  Do people use you as a positive role model (I want to be just like her!), or a negative one (I definitely don't want to be like him!)?

How do we make decisions when we know that others are noticing what we do versus when we think that no one notices?  Do our criteria change?

Why do so many people seem to decide to be negative role models?

For further thought:

You are in charge of your feelings, beliefs, and actions. And you teach others how to behave toward you.  While you cannot change other people, you can influence them through your own behaviors and actions.  By being a living role model of what you want to receive from others, you create more of what you want in your life.

Eric Allenbaugh


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