February 2

We cannot change
anything unless
we accept it.

Carl Jung


Today's Meditation:

I am what I am, I've done what I've done, I've made the mistakes that I've made.  You are who you are, and you've done what you've done.  At this moment in time, there's no changing that at all, and that's fine.  We have the option of accepting things and people as they are, or not.

Once we accept something, then we can work to change it.  Without acceptance, though, we're simply denying that something is or isn't--an alcoholic much accept his or her alcoholism as a fact before he or she can do anything about the problem; a drug addict who doesn't accept the addiction as fact can do nothing to fight the addiction.

Acceptance is one of the most important tools that we have in our lives.  Even if we're not looking to change something, acceptance can give us peace of mind and allow us to live our lives without trying to control people or situations.  It allows us to live without prejudices and biases, and allows us to learn from others' ways of doing things rather than trying to get them to conform to the way that we think things should be, or how people should act.  If there is something in our lives that needs to be changed, be it an addiction, a shortcoming at work or at school, problems in a relationship, or anything else, we must accept the existence of the problem before we can do anything about it at all.

Acceptance is an incredible tool in our lives, and it's well worth keeping it in good working shape as much as we can, by using it as much as we should.

Questions to consider:

How is it possible to deal with problems if we don't accept them first?

Why is it usually more difficult to accept our own problems than it is for us to accept the problems of others?

Does not accepting something help it to change or go away?  Just how effective is denial as a strategy for living our lives?

For further thought:

If you can accept the flow of life and give in to it,
you will be accepting what is real.  Only when you accept
what is real can you live with it in peace and happiness.
The alternative is a struggle that will never end because
it is a struggle with the unreal, with a mirage of life
instead of life itself.

Deepak Chopra 


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