February 5

Life is an endlessly creative
experience, and we are
making ourselves every moment
by every decision we make.

Kent Nerburn


Today's Meditation:

Creation truly is simply a matter of making a decision--or better, decisions.  Sometimes these decisions are tough:  should I keep my job or make a career change?  Is it time to start a family and commit myself to another person through marriage?  Do I take a risk and try something new, or do I stick with what I've known so far?

Each of these questions leads to a decision that's going to help us to be creative in our lives, or not.  If today I decide to take a risk and talk to the person I've been wanting to talk to but avoiding, I'll be creating a different relationship with that person.  If I decide to continue with the avoidance, then I'll be continuing to create a situation or relationship that's frustrating and unfulfilling.

Sure, it's easy to say.  But creativity is a risk.  People can and will criticize anything new in our lives.  People will warn us of the risks involved.  People will tell us to stick with what we know, to be satisfied with what we have and with the way things are.

But your life is yours to create, not theirs.  What has happened so far is already in the past, where it belongs.  It's time to look to the now and to the future, and start making decisions that will sparkle and shine with creativity, and bring that sparkle and that shine to our daily lives.

Questions to consider:

Why do so many people fail to create positive elements of their lives, even when they've been given the resources to do so?

What kinds of decisions can you make today that will create positive outcomes and elements in your life?

How can you build the habit of seeing opportunities and making decisions that allow those opportunities to become a part of your life?

For further thought:

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks,
breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.

Mary Lou Cook


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