January 15

There are days when you
don't have a song in
your heart.  Sing anyway.

Emory Austin


Today's Meditation:

It really is all about our attitude, isn't it?  Life really does depend upon what we put into it and not upon what we get out of it.  There are so many ways that our songs can have a positive effect on others that it would be a shame to limit them to the days in which we awaken with a song in our hearts.  We should sing our songs every day, and the act of our singing can make any day a day worthy of song.

Are you feeling sad?  Then sing a sad song, one that acknowledges your feelings but that doesn't dwell on how horrible life is.  Is there an empty feeling in your heart?  Then sing a song of emptiness, one that expresses the emptiness.  If you feel fear, sing a song of fear and hope and courage.  Just putting voice to our feelings often helps us work our way through them towards feelings that are more positive, useful, and enjoyable.

I love to sing, but I don't always feel like singing.  I find, though, that Emory's advice is very practical, because once I find a song that I truly enjoy and that helps me see the brightness in life, I'm able to make each day positive no matter how I felt before I started singing.

Music is a gift to us, and our hearts and spirits respond well to melodies and notes.  The words of songs help us to express ourselves, to share our feelings, even if we're sharing them with just the air around us.  Getting them out of ourselves is a huge step.  Let the music help you not to get rid of bad feelings, but to convert them into positive ones.  Find a song, love that song, and sing that song with your whole heart. 

Questions to consider:

Why do we usually save singing for the times when we feel upbeat and positive?  Would the blues ever have come about if everyone did so?

Can you list five songs that you really love, that you know that words to, and that can be helpful to you at different times.

Why do we tend to let our first feelings of the morning stick with us all day long?

For further thought:

Those who wish to sing always find a song.

Swedish proverb

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