January 17
If you let yourself be
absorbed completely, if you
surrender completely to the
moments as they pass, you live
more richly those moments.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh


Today's Meditation:

Have you ever been so caught up in a task or a job that you don't even notice time passing?  After a while you look up at the clock and you have one of those "You've got to be kidding" moments when you realize that hours have passed since you started, while you thought that maybe half an hour at most had gone by.  That's called being absorbed, and it's a great feeling to have sometimes, knowing that you've been so focused on doing something well and doing it right that other things have simply dropped out of your mind for the time being.

I think that what Anne means by "surrender to the moment" is just that--that we focus completely on what this moment brings to us, and that we live completely in whatever the situation is.  Perhaps this moment has brought us a conversation with a friend or an acquaintance--what would it be like to be completely involved in that conversation, forgetting for the time being about who might have texted us or what kinds of e-mails may be waiting in our inboxes.  We'll get more out of the conversation ourselves, and there's a very good chance that the other person will find it much more valuable, also.

That contract that needs to be written up?  If you're focused on it strongly, there will be much less chance of having to fix it later, and you can almost guarantee the satisfaction of all parties involved if you do it very well.  And that customer who just walked in definitely could benefit from some undivided attention--as will you when you focus completely on whatever new situation he or she brings to you.

If our goal is to live our lives more fully and richly, then we must start with the moments, for life is made up of moments.  Only we can decide to make them bright and rich, or to leave them dull, poor, and mundane.

Questions to consider:

What do you think it means to "surrender completely to the moments as they pass"?  Are you able to do so?

What are some ways that one can practice being fully involved in any given moment in his or her life?

Why do we choose to have so many distractions in our lives?  Do they help us to live more fully what's in front of us here and now? 

For further thought:

Are you present in this moment, right here, right now?  Or are you remembering what you didn't do yesterday, thinking about what you have to do tomorrow, regretting what you did last week.  If you are in any of these places, you are not here, right now in the fullness of this moment.  The richness of the present is here.  The fullness of now is present.  If you are not here now, it means you could be missing the love, joy, peace and brand-new ideas that are here right now.  Why not take a moment to gather yourself, to pull yourself together, to collect all of your thoughts and feelings in this time and place?

Iyanla Vanzant


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