January 21

To be alive, to be able to see,
to walk. . . it's all a miracle.
I have adopted the technique of
living life from miracle to miracle.

Artur Rubinstein


Today's Meditation:

Do we misuse the word "miracle"?  Do we limit it to religious phenomena, to people who aren't us, to things that we know should never happen but do happen?  I think sometimes that we do limit the word far too much, and like Artur says, "it's all a miracle." 

When we think about how our eyes work, how our ears work, how we can see and taste and hear and walk all at the same time. . . how our brains and legs and fingers work, it really does seem miraculous.  When we think about deer and rivers and cars and computers and snowfall and thunderstorms, and all the billions of inputs that have to be just right to make anything occur, they really do seem miraculous. 

Seeing the world as a miraculous place isn't a question of fooling ourselves into trying to make it better than it is.  Rather, it's a technique that can help us to gain a healthy perspective and to stop taking things for granted.  When we take things for granted, we lose our appreciation for them, and they lose their ability to tap into our sense of awe and wonder, which is a sense that keeps us seeing the world for what it is:  a wonderful gift to us that continues to contribute to our lives and our selves for as long as we're here on this planet. 

Can you see life as a miracle?  Can you see your fellow people, your children, your friends and friendships, the home you live in, as the miracles that they truly are?  Can you live your life from miracle to miracle-from heated home to functional car on a roadway that stretches for thousands and thousands of miles if you want it to. . . and on and on.  See the miracles, feel them, love them, stand in awe of them, and your life will suddenly become miraculous itself.

Questions to consider:

Why might we stop seeing things as miraculous, something that was so natural to us as children? 

Think of someone you know who does see life as miraculous.  Do people make fun of this person, or do they admire him or her?  Why?

Why might it be that we tend to think of miracles only as something religious and exceptional, and not something that we can expect to see on a daily basis? 

For further thought:

You are always wanting miracles; but God sows miracles
by handfuls under your feet, and yet you still have people
who deny their existence.

Allan Kardec


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