July 15

Go around asking a lot of damn fool
questions and taking chances.  Only
through curiosity can we discover
opportunities, and only by gambling
can we take advantage of them.

Clarence Birdseye


Today's Meditation:

There are very few things that I know for sure, but one of them is this:  the students I work with who inquire, who ask questions, who take risks on their assignments, who don't want to know just the information but also why and how the information became known, are the ones who normally succeed in all they try.  They push themselves, and they push others to think harder in order to give answers.

The world is full of opportunities and possibilities that we never will learn about if we don't push the limits of our knowledge, take risks and ask questions of people who should be able to answer them.  Sometimes it's easy not to be curious:  it's less work not to open new doors and explore new areas.  But it also tends to be much less fulfilling to have such a passive approach to life, and approach that doesn't give us the chance to take advantage of much of anything at all.

The people at work who ask questions and learn more about their field than others tend to be those who get the promotions.  Those people at school who constantly inquire learn more than others, and their future classes tend to be much easier because of all that they've learned by pushing themselves.  And curiosity may be an inherited trait for some, but most of us need to develop it and work at making it work for us.  For most of us, it doesn't necessarily come naturally at all, and it takes quite a bit of effort.

Most of my rewarding moments in life have come through learning something new and different or accomplishing something that is beyond my previous limits.  I only achieve these things when I allow myself to tap into my curiosity and take the chance of exploring things that are new, different, and even quite scary.  But it's that scariness that lets me know that it's important.

Questions to consider:

How might you develop your own sense of curiosity about things that have become boring or ordinary?

What are some advantages to learning new and different things that others might not be learning?

What will happen to you if you never ask questions and never try to find out anything past the superficial answers?

For further thought:

Learning is not attained by chance.  It must be sought
for with ardor and attended to with diligence.

Abigail Adams

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