June 22

Flowers do not force their way
with great strife.  Flowers open
to perfection slowly in the sun.
Don't be in a hurry about
spiritual matters.  Go step by
step, and be very sure.

White Eagle


Today's Meditation:

Relax.  Be patient.  Take your time.  Not words that we like to hear these days--mostly because we almost never hear them.  Instead, we're told constantly to hurry up or we'll miss the boat or miss the deadline.  We're told to get it done yesterday, because it's that important.  We're led to believe that people who relax and slow down and take it easy are slackers, lazy people who somehow aren't as good as everyone else.

Think about it, though.  Would you want a surgeon operating on you who's trying to hurry through the process so he can move on to his next obligation?  Would you want a lawyer taking care of your case who's trying to get it done as quickly as he can?  And that person working on your car--should he or she barrel through the job as quickly as he or she can, or do you want that person to take their time?

Those three questions almost answer themselves.  But that same desire to have someone take their time and do it right is something that we rarely afford ourselves--the opportunity to do something slowly, patiently, with reverence and attention.  We try to become something we're not in days rather than years.  Our spirits--simply the most important part of who we are as human beings--are so often treated without any respect or dignity at all, and we do pay a huge price for it, with frustration, depression, despair, hopelessness, and all sorts of other results of the neglect we show to our spiritual development.

Take your time.  Do it right.  Ask  yourself important questions, then take your time and answer those questions accurately and fully.  Then move on to the next one.  Decide how you want to act, and who you want to be, then move towards being that person.  Don't get frustrated when you make mistakes and backslide--that's all part of the process.  But please don't hurry, for the results of hurry rarely are the results that will last and that will do you good.  Go for the lasting results, take your time and enjoy the process of discovery.

Questions to consider:

What have you done recently to develop your spiritual side?

How are you sure when certain steps that you take are right or wrong?

Think of the most gifted spiritual people you know.  How much effort have they put into becoming the spiritually gifted people they are?  How long has it taken them?

For further thought:

Itís tempting, when faced with a flaw of the spirit or other growth issue, to pray for and expect immediate change.  Sometimes it happens.  But how lost and confused we feel if our prayers donít bring the instant relief we seek.  During such times, itís good to remember that all facets of our natureówhether traits we love about ourselves or those we want to improveóare part of our God-created being.  Even our less-than-desirable parts are there for a reason and contain His lessons for us.  When change seems to come slowly, donít give up hope.  Consider that the timetable for your growth is in Godís hands.



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