June 25

Faith is knowing there is an
ocean because you have
seen a brook.

William Arthur Ward


Today's Meditation:

It's nice being confident that there's an ocean that the water runs to.  It brings a bit of order to our life, a bit of confidence that we don't have to earn through our own efforts.  Faith, to me, means relaxing and enjoying things because I know that they will work out, because I know that no matter what I do, there's no way that I can help that water get to the ocean any faster--nor is there any reason at all for doing so.

I really do tire of people who tell us that things aren't working out because our faith isn't strong enough, as if God's going to punish us because we haven't seen the ocean yet.  Those of us who know the ocean know the amazing results of all those streams and rivers running downhill for so many miles, but what of the people who never have seen the ocean, who haven't yet experienced the results of smaller things coming together to create a greater whole?  In no way is there lack of knowledge their fault, just as a person who never has experienced abundance may not have faith in the end of their poverty.

But I do know about brooks and oceans, so I can have faith in small things working their way towards a greater goal.  I can have faith that my small effort will combine with the small efforts of many other people to contribute to the ocean of the results of such efforts, helping to add to the love and compassion of the world.  I can have faith that the brook of my giving will combine with the giving of others to reach an ocean of giving which will provide for millions of people, not just the few that I can reach myself.

I do have faith in my small effort, and I do have faith in my love and compassion.  I can give these things only to the few  people with whom I have contact, but my faith tells me that there are many more people out there giving much more than I, and our efforts together will lead to beautiful results.

Questions to consider:

Why does it sometimes seem like our small efforts are pointless or too limited to be useful?

How might our small efforts combine with the small efforts of others?

How can we contribute to strengthening our faith that things will turn out well, that all effort will contribute to the greater good?

For further thought:

Faith is to believe what you do not yet see;
the reward for this faith is to see what you believe.

St. Augustine


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