June 3
Sometimes things can go
right only by first going
very wrong.

Edward Tenner


Today's Meditation:

I've always been very fortunate in at least one way:  I've never seen bad things happening without also seeing possible good things that can result from the bad.  Sometimes we have to walk through a blazing inferno of a desert before we can reach the cool waters of a lake.  Sometimes we have to be rejected by someone we think we love before we can meet someone else who is much more suited to us.  Sometimes we have to be laid off from a job before we're able to find another one that's much better for us all the way around. 

That's not to diminish the importance or the effects of what has gone bad.  We can have things go very wrong without reacting to them, without going through the many feelings that will result from terrible things happening in our lives.  A breakup or a rejection is brutal, and it will bring us down.  A layoff is terribly difficult to deal with on many levels.  But this is where hope and faith come in--when we realize that just because the night looks very dark at the moment, we don't have to cower in the darkness; rather, we can follow the lead of our hope and know that the light will return, and work to make sure that we've done something about our situation before the morning arrives.

I've seen many relationships start to improve only after the persons involved hit terrible lows.  I've known alcoholics and drug addicts who have started the road to recovery only after their lives have taken terrible turns.  Many people reach positive financial situations only after they've lost everything.  Somehow, things going wrong often act to motivate us to change, to work towards improving.  But we do have to have faith in life so that we can hold on to the hope that things actually can get better.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of things have you seen go right only after they've gone very wrong?

Why is it important to keep our eyes open for the silver linings in every cloud that comes into our lives?

Think of people you've known who have faced great adversity.  What kinds of attitudes have the people had?  Which people were able to make more positive strides after having had things go wrong?

For further thought:

In the hour of adversity be not without hope
For crystal rain falls from black clouds.



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