March 24

A person too busy to take
care of his or her health is
like a mechanic too busy to
take care of his or her tools.

Spanish saying


Today's Meditation:

Another quotation about being busy!  And boy do I feel it these days.  Sometimes the demands of the world just seem to crowd in on you, forcing you into situations that you really don't want to be in, forcing you to have to spend tons of time doing more work than you ever planned on doing.  And if the people who are depending upon you are people who really need your help, then what can you do but be super busy for a while?

But no matter how busy we are, it's important that we watch our health--after all, once that's gone, what happens to our quality of life?  And just whom can we help if our health is compromised?  That's why even when we become extremely busy, we still have to find time for exercise and make decisions that will help us to maintain a decent level of health.  When I'm so busy that I have to cut back on exercising, I also make it a point to cut back on things like candy and donuts, even though those are times when such foods are even more desirable.

For me, the thing that I focus on most is the idea of where I'll be if I neglect my health.  I watch plenty of people who are unhealthy, and I simply don't want to be in their shoes.  They've made decision after decision that's detrimental to their health, and their main tool for almost everything--their body--has fallen into a state of disrepair, of rust and decay, even of uselessness.

Respect your tool.  Make sure that you take care of yourself, even when time is tight--or especially when time is tight.  It's an amazing gift that you've been given, and it will do wonderful things for you if you keep it tuned up and in good repair.  Just make the decisions over and over again to get some exercise, eat well, and pass up the fatty and sugary foods, and you'll end up with a healthy body that will accomplish all that you need it to accomplish.

Questions to consider:

What happens to tools when we neglect them?  How is our body similar to those tools if we neglect it? 

What decisions can you make today that will help you to maintain your body in good shape? 

How can we take care of our bodies even when we're busy?  Where can we find the time, and how can we make the decisions?

For further thought:

The body is the soul's house.  Shouldn't we
therefore take care of our house so that it
doesn't fall into ruin?



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