March 5

The ideal man has the
strength of a male and
the compassion of a female.



Today's Meditation:

I'd love to see the reactions of many of the men I've known over the years to these words.  I've known plenty of men that would say things that shouldn't be printed about the idea of them having any feminine qualities at all, and just how horrible it would be for them even to consider the idea of having such qualities.

But the truth of the matter is that we all have both male and female qualities, and the strongest men are those who not only are aware of those qualities, but also are willing to accept them and even celebrate them.  Being upset by such a thing indicates a strong judgment about the inferiority of such qualities, an idea that is extremely far from the truth.

If more men were to acknowledge and practice their compassion, this world would be a much more pleasant place to live.  We wouldn't be faced with much of the violence and anger with which we have to deal, and more people would be able to express themselves more safely and clearly if they weren't afraid of negative reactions from men who show little or no compassion.  Personally, I sometimes wish that I had been taught to develop elements of my feminine side when I was younger, for my students would benefit a great deal if I showed more compassion, more intuition, and even more love.  As it is, I try, but I know that since I'm playing catch-up, I'm not as far as I could be.

So allow your compassion to show, guys, and you'll contribute to the peace in the world.  And women, allow yourselves to show your strength and use your logic well, and you'll be developing a side of your self that tends to be seen as a male side.  It doesn't matter which gender our gifts are associated with--gifts are gifts, and they're not good for anything at all if we don't share them with others.

Questions to consider:

Why do some people consider it to be "weak" to show compassion?

What are your strongest traits that are associated with the other gender?  Do you avoid developing them, or do you celebrate them and let them shine?

What would the world be like if more men were to show much more compassion?

For further thought:

Men of sensitivity are like good, much-played
violins which vibrate at each touch of the bow.

Wassily Kandinsky


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