May 16
Look at everything as though
you were seeing it either for
the first or last time.  Then
your time on earth will
be filled with glory.

Betty Smith


Today's Meditation:

I try this every now and then, and it's amazing how many things I see that I don't usually notice, and just how much I appreciate the things that make my life easier and more beautiful.  The only problem I have with it is that I wish I were able to do it more often, but usually the day's tasks take over and keep my mind occupied so that I see things in the "normal," everyday way.  I don't feel the appreciation that I could, and I don't feel the wonder that I could.

Appreciation and wonder are two qualities that, if we were to experience them regularly, could add much quality to our lives.  As Betty notes, they add glory to our lives, for we live with the awareness that this world is full of wonders.  When I look at the window and see a mixture of sand and other chemicals that I can see right through, I'm suddenly astonished at what other people have created; when I look through the window at the tree that's stood in its place for fifty years and provides shade and oxygen and brilliant colors in the fall, I realize just how amazing the things on this planet are.

The way we see the world really is our choice, but the fact that we're human seems to get in the way.  I even place Post-It notes in strategic places to remind myself to see things more clearly, notes that simply say "Notice," or "Remember the wonder," or "See the amazing," but after a couple of days I get so used to the notes that I stop seeing them and stop reading them, and thus stop reminding myself to keep the more important things in mind as I go through my life.

But the effort is worth it.  Seeing the world clearly is worth it.  Paying attention to the beauty and wonder helps us to remember just what a wonderful gift this life is, and it's worth the effort it takes to keep ourselves seeing clearly, for when we do so we enrich our lives in wonderful ways, and we're able to share with others the wonder that we might never have noticed otherwise.

Questions to consider:

How would something change in your eyes if you knew you were seeing it for the last time?  For the first time?

What ways can you use to help to remind yourself of the amazing things in your life?  Do you use them? 

What does it mean to have your life "filled with glory"?

For further thought:

It's been said that to wonder is to begin to understand.  Wonder most definitely creates possibilities!  Where's your sense of wonder?  Have you gotten so bogged down in the minute-to minute "stuff" that  life has become dull?  Bring forth your curious, creative, sense of wonder  and dust if off -- lighten up and wonder about everything!  We are all amazing and awesome beings and our world is extraordinary even when days may be dark.  A sense of wonder reminds of just how vast the unknown is and how much we have to learn each day.

Beth Burns


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