May 17
We're all  only fragile
threads, but what a
tapestry we make.

Jerry Ellis


Today's Meditation:

This reminds me of similar thought about snowflakes--alone, they're very fragile and easily destroyed, but look what happens when they gather together and become in many cases a completely unstoppable force.  Both ideas focus on the idea of what can happen when we work together, when we focus our time and energy on being a part of the whole, instead of on being isolated individuals who are looking out only for ourselves.

Tapestries can be beautiful when there's harmony between their elements.  When the different colors and shapes and sizes work together in their own ways to make a unified whole, a tapestry can present an absolutely amazing picture.  And in that picture there is also strength, as the simple threads that are joined together cannot be broken at all in their new situation as part of a greater whole.  I can snap a thread easily in my hands, but once it's part of a whole, such as in a tapestry or a piece of cloth, it works together with other pieces of thread to gain great strength.

When we look at the strength and beauty that unity can create, we also have to look at things like sports teams.  How many teams win championships that don't work together well, that don't function as a unified whole?  And when they do function well, it's a pleasure to watch what happens when there is unity among the members of a team--what they do seems effortless, even though we all know that there is plenty of effort involved.

The struggle for most of us, I believe, is finding those situations in which we fit, in which our fragile self will contribute just the right element to help complete a team or a tapestry.  We have our own strengths and beauty, but it must complement in order to be a part of a unified whole, rather than contrast.  It's important, then, that we keep our eyes open so that we can find the groups or teams in which our contribution will help to create a beautiful, unified whole.

Questions to consider:

Why is it sometimes difficult to commit ourselves to be part of a larger whole?  What are the risks?

In what ways is a tapestry stronger than the individual threads that make it up?  How does the beauty of a tapestry come to be?

Why is it important for us to work together rather than trying to function always at an individual level?

For further thought:

Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things,
but just look at what they can do when they stick together.

Vesta M. Kelly


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