May 22

Today a new sun rises for me;
everything lives, everything is
animated, everything seems to speak
to me of my passion, everything
invites me to cherish it.

Anne de Lenclos


Today's Meditation:

It is a new day today.  Even if we're eating breakfast with the same people, going to the same job, working with the same people, doing very things that are similar to those we did yesterday, the fact remains that this day is completely new.  If we want to face this day in a new way, a way that allows us to express our passion and our love for life, that allows us to show enthusiasm for all that we do and allows us to show how much we care for others, we can do that.  It's not yesterday, but a new day.  And that does make a difference.

Because how we approach our day has much to do with how our day turns out.  What we give to the day helps to determine what the day gives back to us.  And if we look at all that we have in life with appreciation, if we cherish every relationship, every possession, and every new moment, we will create days that will live in our memories as wonderful days, one after another.  And if we approach our lives with passion, then things will be animated, and things will be beautiful, and they will elicit our passion.

We can no longer wait for the good days--because of what we know about life, we must go about creating the good days by allowing the strengths and perspective and passion that already are a part of us to grow and to thrive and to be a part of our creative experience, rather than approach life as passive observers who just wish for good things, while good things are everywhere around us. 

Today a new sun rises on a new day.  It's time to cherish our lives and to live fully and completely, and allow our passions to help us to create a life that we truly can and will cherish.  And yes, it is a circle:  if we can cherish our lives, we will help to create lives that we are able to cherish.  And a beautiful circle it is.

Questions to consider:

What does it mean to you to "cherish" something?

How might you allow your passions to help you to make this new day a beautiful one?

If you knew you didn't have many days left, how would you treat this one?

For further thought:

Each day we can wake up and choose to see life as a gift and to be
fully present in that day.  We cannot always control the outcome,
but we can control our reactions.  Each day we can bring all we have
to that day, choosing to live it fully, seeing it as a great gift.

John Izzo


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