May 8

We all have music inside us,
and can learn how to get it
out, one way or another.

Frank Wilson


Today's Meditation:

When I was a little kid, I loved to sing.  As I grew older, though, I found that many, many people love to cut others down for their singing.  "Don't quit your day job," they may say, intending to be funny but not thinking at all of the effect that their comments may be having on a young person.  All of us have music in us, but my guess is that most of us rarely or never allow it out--we've learned that if we're not in perfect pitch or if we don't have the best of voices, we should keep quiet in order to avoid hearing other people's criticism. 

Fortunately, I no longer care about what others say, and if someone criticizes my singing these days, that will only make me sing louder!  I don't sing to bother other people, and I don't sing in inappropriate or awkward situations, but I sing when I want to, and I love doing so.  Music makes me feel a sense of flow, a sense of connection with everything.  When I hear or sing a good song, I feel wonderful, and I enjoy myself very much.

Other people create music on keyboards or with other instruments; personally, I'm not able to coordinate my two hands to play much of anything on the piano, so I stick with singing and humming and whistling and listening along.  If I didn't have music in my life, or if I were to repress it out of fear of being criticized or laughed at, my life would be poorer, and I wouldn't get nearly as much joy out of the world I live in.

You can make music.  It doesn't matter one bit whether other people like or appreciate the music that you make--make it for yourself and your own enjoyment.  Make music that talks to you, that makes you feel whole, that brings a sense of balance and flow to you.  Music is a beautiful tool if we use it, and it can bring much brightness and hope to our lives--as long as we make it somehow.

Questions to consider:

How does a good song affect you?  How does creating a good song affect you?

What would life without music be like? 

In what ways are you best able to create music?  How often do you do so? 

For further thought:

No soul comes on earth without a feeling for music.  It is only when souls have become dense after having come to the earth that they lose that feeling.  But when someone has lost interest in music one should know that person is not living; there is something that was living in that person that is now dead.

Hazrat Inayat Khan


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