September 4
Supply is infinite, but there must be
receptivity.  We can have all the supply
we will give.  But that is where the
barrier is--the unwillingness to give.
That is where the lack or limitation is.
Joel Goldsmith


Today's Meditation:

It seems that Joel is contradicting himself here, doesn't it?  Most of us would say that we can have all the supply that we will take, but Joel turns it around in a seeming paradox--we can have all that we will give.

Giving is most definitely a prerequisite to getting.  It's not that we give in order to get paid back, but that giving opens up our receptivity and creates the conditions that allow us to tap into the supply that the universe and our world have available to us.  Most people focus on lack, which almost guarantees that they won't be doing much giving.  "I have no time" means that one won't be giving of time; "I have no money" is a way of saying that one won't be giving of money; "Nobody needs anything from me" can mean that one won't be giving any encouragement, compliments, talents or skills to others.

We can be receptive to anything as long as the conditions are right.  Nobody will give us a paycheck unless we work; no one can be expected to give us their loyalty until we actually earn it.  And there is plenty in life for all of us to receive, though most of us simply aren't receptive to bigger and better things because we're too afraid of losing what we have by giving away too much. 

We can make our lives such that we can receive wonderful things from life, from positive emotions and love and friendship to financial gain and better jobs--life is always in a giving mood, but because we're usually in a taking mood, we don't match the giving mood and we lose out on it, closing our receptivity because of our unwillingness to give.

Questions to consider:

How do we become so afraid of giving that we close our receptivity?

In what ways might you be able to practice your giving and open your receptivity?

What does Joel mean when he says that "Supply is infinite"?

For further thought:

Do you want there to be enough for you and for everyone? 
Then choose that and know, "There is abundance of all things."
"There is an unlimited supply."  "There is so much magnificence." 
Each of us has the ability to tap into that unlimited invisible supply
through our thoughts and feelings, and bring it into our experience.
So choose for You, because you're the only one who can.

Rhonda Byrne

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