It's time to relax.

It's important that we be able to slow down those many thoughts that go running around in our heads, seemingly out of control.  If something has happened that has upset us, our thoughts about what has happened can bring us more misery than the occurrence itself.
When we focus on our breathing, we can strengthen our focus so that those thoughts are pushed out of our minds.  We're not repressing or denying anything, just trying to calm our thoughts. 
When we focus strongly on our breathing, we notice just how much our lungs fill as we inhale very slowly and steadily.  We feel our torso expand with the breath that is bringing us oxygen that keeps us alive.  We feel it flow through our nose and mouth, through our throats, a river of life-giving air.  We feel it go deep into our bodies, all the way to our lower torso.
When we get distracted or other thoughts start to enter our minds, we bring our thoughts back to our breathing.
When we hold our breath after inhaling, we feel the tension of wanting to exhale, a pleasant tension that we know will be relieved soon.  As we hold it, we know that our lungs are pulling even more oxygen from the air, giving us more strength and more awareness.
When we exhale slowly, we feel the relief of the positive tension as the air flows out of our lungs, through our throat, then out our mouth or nose.  We can visualize our negative tension or our fear or our anger flowing out of our bodies upon the river of air, leaving behind it an empty spot that we can fill with peaceful, positive thoughts and energy.
If we continue this for at least five minutes, we will find that we've given ourselves a great gift at a very small cost--for just five minutes of our time, we've made ourselves feel more relaxed, more energetic, more ready and willing to take on the tasks that the day has in store for us.

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