Og Mandino's Great Trilogy
Og Mandino

I'm a teacher--what in the world could The Greatest Salesman in the World have to do with me or my life.  Actually, plenty.  Mandino's trilogy, which also includes The Greatest Secret in the World and The Greatest Miracle in the World, is three works that could help us all to learn a lot about life, living, and loving; how to get people to do things that we want--learn, work well for us, buy things from us, treat us well, show us respect, for example--while maintaining our love and respect for them.  Mandino's focus is not on controlling people and their actions, but on loving people and life in order to be successful in all our endeavors.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the main focus of all three works is loving our neighbor so that things will go well for us in different areas.

The Greatest Salesman in the World is considered to be Mandino's masterpiece, and it deservedly shows up on any list of important self-development works.  In it, we read about the importance of learning,  of reflection, of treating people fairly and courteously, of working harder than others if we want to be better at what we do.  The Greatest Secret in the World takes the information from the scrolls in the first book and presents it in a way that will allow us to apply the principles to our lives, and it includes a series of journal exercises to allow you to do so.

The Greatest Miracle in the World is a treasure, a short book that explores the amazing miracle that each of us actually is.  Mandino learns some important lessons from a man named Simon, and "The God Memorandum" should be required reading for everyone.

Some of the language is a bit dated, but the concepts are timeless and extremely inspiring.  I'm not a salesman in my career, but I find myself going back to these books time and time again for motivation and inspiration.  Highly recommended.
Our rating:  A
Amazon rating (July, 2012):  5 stars (of five)
Barnes and Noble rating (July, 2012):  3.5 stars (of five)