How does it come to be that we feel that all of our learning should come from school or work?  Invite these lecturers--people with a great deal of experience in all sorts of fields--into your home or your car, where you can attend classes at your leisure, when you have time, in situations that are the most conducive to learning for you personally.


There are tape programs for almost every issue that you'll face in life, and the beauty of them is that you can listen to them over and over.  And when a friend's going through a particular problem, loan him or her a particular tape.  Learn from them how to enrich your life, increase your contentment, expand your horizons.  You are an individual with unlimited potential, and sometimes we need someone to open the doors of that potential.

by Earl Nightingale

Hundreds of thousands of people have profited from the wisdom and savvy of Lead The Field.  In fact, it has often been referred to as "the program of presidents" because so many top executives have incorporated Earl's guidance and wisdom into their management philosophies.
  When you listen to this landmark program you'll be awestruck by the simplicity and timelessness of Earl's words and ideas.

• Double your mental capability
• Recognize and easily overcome the biggest stumbling block to high achievement
• Dramatically improve your luck by changing one simple thing
• Make success unavoidable with an easy 3-minute-a-day exercise
• Assess your potential worth, and start increasing it now

Lead the Field has arguably changed more lives and created more millionaires than any other program Nightingale-Conant has produced.  Order it today, and start moving into the top 5% of the world's earners.

The frantic pace of our daily lives can take a serious toll on even the most calm and collected person. Who has time to worry about happiness, health, and peace of mind, when you have a million little urgencies to take care of each day?

Now there is a way to get off life’s treadmill for good, without sacrificing your career, financial status, or activities.

In his exciting program, Creating Miracles Every Day: How to Turn Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Experiences, best-selling author Richard Carlson shows you how to bridge the gap between what you think you want and what will make you happy.

If you’re ready to transform negative attitudes, trust your intuition, and live each day as if it were your last, then Creating Miracles Every Day is the program you’ve been waiting for!

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Great minds have considered Jim Rohn the greatest business and personal success philosopher ever. After listening to "The Art Of Exceptional Living" you will discover why.
   Jim will also teach you the importance of self-education, developing new skills, and how to start your own personal success library filled with information that will make you more knowledgeable as well as more employable. You owe it to yourself to experience the wisdom of Jim Rohn. Jim Rohn is credited with inspiring and teaching the likes of Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, and countless others various success principles in the areas of financial independence, education, relationships, and much more!


Are you tired of settling for less than you can be, less than you can achieve, less than you deserve? Would you like to learn to live with passion so that you can turn your everyday experiences into extraordinary, life-changing events?
   Well, stop wishing and start living, because you are about to acquire the vital life tools that will help you tap the power of your own passion.
   Anthony Robbins' revolutionary new program Live with Passion will help you secure the life you've always wanted; the life you've watched others attain, but were too scared and disillusioned to seek for yourself.
   Let's face it, you want certain things out of life--financial rewards, personal fulfillment, and satisfying relationships. And now, with Anthony Robbins' groundbreaking program Live with Passion, you can master your behavior, your emotions, your finances, your business, and your career.
   In Live with Passion, you’ll learn how to:  push past your obstacles, achieve your goals, take consistent action on your ideas, and ultimately help you redefine and improve the quality of your entire life. So get started now and learn how to start living your life with more passion, more happiness, and more fulfillment than ever before!

The leap from corporate team player to individual entrepreneur can be the most exhilarating and rewarding move you’ll ever make — if you know where you’re going, which steps to take, the pitfalls to avoid, and what to look for when you get to the other side. In You, Inc.: Creating Your Life as a Free Agent, award-winning author and small business expert Terri Lonier gives you all this information and much more as she guides you through the transformation to independent enterprise that more than a million people are making each year.

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Simplify Your Life contains dozens of ideas to help you …
  • Identify and eliminate the major sources of complication in your life
  • Painlessly, guiltlessly rid your home of space-consuming clutter
  • Simplify household tasks like cleaning, cooking, and laundry
  • Dramatically reduce your monthly expenses without sacrificing fun
  • Feel comfortable saying “no” to invitations and commitments you really don’t want to accept
  • Make wiser choices about how, when, and where you spend your time and money
And so much more!
   Closets packed with clothes that haven’t seen daylight in years ... cabinets bulging with appliances, gizmos, and gadgets you can’t even identify ... day planners and “to do” lists that have a life of their own ... cell phones, pagers, e-mail and call waiting that make peace and quiet impossible ... credit card receipts and bank statements so numerous, they threaten to overtake your home ... magazine piles that are older and taller than your toddler.
   These days, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by our possessions, finances, commitments, obligations — the sheer amount of stuff in our lives. It takes up space, drains away time, and distracts us from the things that really matter: our relationships, health, happiness, spirituality, and inner growth.
   Yet the prospect of attacking our physical and psychological clutter can be even more daunting than the stuff itself.
   Simplify Your Life is a refreshing, much-needed antidote to the disorder and frenzy that so many of us face in our daily lives. In this funny, insightful, and eminently practical program, you’ll discover how to bring more happiness into your life by taking things you don’t want out of it — step by simple step.


All of us have what it takes to make it in today’s competitive and changing world. You may have doubted your ability to get the job done in the past, but something else may have been getting in the way of your success. The key to ultimate achievement has very little to do with your education or skill level. The secret to accomplishing great things is simple: Find and pursue the kind of work you are meant to do—your “purpose.”

No one said choosing your life’s purpose would be easy. There are so many opportunities, it’s a wonder anyone finds their true calling. While it may be difficult, understanding your life’s real purpose will give you the power to have anything you want—anything at all. Once you figure out exactly what that is, getting there will be that much easier. So ask yourself: “What do I really want out of my life?”

Les Brown’s exceptional new program, The Power of Purpose, will not only help you answer that question, it will also lead you step-by-step toward making each and every one of your dreams come true.

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The Magic of Happiness
Barry Kaufman

  Many people pursue true happiness throughout their lives. But only a few discover the satisfaction of living a life of perpetual joy. What are their secrets? And, most importantly, how can you learn to reconstruct your life to better reflect the happy and energized person within?
  The Magic of Happiness will show you how to experience a fairy-tale life, so you can learn to live happily ever after. It will show you which thoughts can contribute to negative emotions, and how to reprogram yourself to make every day a happy one.
  Barry Kaufman’s exciting new program will change the way you think and feel about the quality of your life. Because so many of us believe that unhappiness is inevitable, we cheat ourselves out of the joy that’s rightfully ours. You’ve heard the old sayings: “Life is not a bed of roses,” or “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Do you agree with these statements? If you do, the following discovery will change the way you look at the world forever:
  Your life can be as wonderful as you choose to make it!

In The Magic of Happiness, you’ll discover how to:
  • Make a commitment to happiness
  • Trade negative thoughts and emotions for positive and exciting beliefs
  • Trust yourself to find the answers to life’s perplexing problems
  • Clarify your life purpose
  • Acquire an accepting attitude of yourself and others
  • Take full advantage of every waking moment
  • Discover the joy of attitudinal vitality
  • Become the most loving and effective self you can be
  • Maintain a state of perpetual happiness regardless of the circumstance
   If you ever wished to find lasting happiness and lifelong fulfillment, it’s time you listened to the amazing program that has given millions of people a reason to smile.
Contents: 6 Audiocassettes

Today’s most successful people realize the value of becoming unstoppable. They consistently strive to master the strategic thinking skills that can get them on the fast track to unlimited success and lifelong satisfaction. By mastering these easy-to-learn life principles, you will actually make your life easier, cut your workload in half, and dramatically increase your energy and stamina.

Breaking the Success Barrier will help you:

• Discover the success traits of today’s top leaders
• Concentrate on your most important goals
• Upgrade your knowledge to excel in your field
• Determine your core talents
• Hone your competitive edge
• Build a financial fortress that’s guaranteed for long-term security
• Strengthen your character and resilience
• Pass every major life test with flying colors
• Determine the clearest solutions to life’s toughest challenges
• Unleash the power of your creative force
• Navigate the waves of change with bravery and precision
• And much, much more!

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For more than two decades, Fr. Angelo worked with Mother Teresa co-founding a lay association, contemplative oriented, at the service of the spiritually poorest of the poor. At first it was called Brothers of the Word and slowly evolved to what is now the Universal Fraternity of the Word Third Order of the Missionaries of Charity M.C.III.O., a movement which includes Christians of all denominations and people of other faiths.

During the years they worked together, Father Angelo recorded many of Mother Teresa's conversations, reflections, and work in action. Recently, he made some of these recording available to us. Now, we in turn are making them available to the many millions of people who wish to know more about-and learn how to do with their lives something beautiful for God from- this incredible woman.

We have extracted the most powerful of this material, woven it together with Father Angelo's personal insights into Mother's thoughts and actions, and combined it with practical suggestions for applying her remarkable wisdom and example to the contemporary situations and challenges we encounter each day.

The result is something truly unprecedented: A rare and precious glimpse into Mother Teresa's private thoughts, inner workings and spiritual insights… and a practical blueprint for creating an inner and outer life of deeply authentic spirituality, according to her example.

Thirsting for God
Father Angelo Devananda Scolozzi


Join Dr. Wayne Dyer and travel with him across time on an illuminating search for explanations to the most meaningful questions and important concerns we encounter throughout the course of our lives. You have the power within to speak your truth and create a legacy that will transcend your lifetime. When you connect your life with the profound writings of eras past, you’ll receive an endless stream of insight, information, and wisdom. In these timeless words, you’ll recognize and recall your own hardships, triumphs, and sorrows, and your life will become an expression of the music that lives within you. Apply the wisdom of the ages to your life today.

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In Anthony Robbins’ exciting, live seminar, Unleash The Power Within, you’ll discover how to transform your limiting beliefs, adding new meaning and depth to your life. You’ll learn to tap into your deepest, most personal resources, to become all that you truly desire and deserve. And when you begin to claim the abundant rewards your future has in store, you’ll not only make a remarkable improvement in your life — but, consequently, in our world. This is more than just another new program — it’s a whole new vision. In Unleash The Power Within, Anthony Robbins shows you how to live your life not by hope ... not by chance ... but by design.

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Andrew Carnegie • Thomas Edison • Henry Ford

  You’ve probably experienced fewer failures in life than these famous achievers. Surprising, but true.
  Each faced repeated setbacks. Yet each became enormously successful. How?
  Napoleon Hill devoted his life to studying this question, analyzing the success of more than 500 of the 20th Century’s greatest achievers. His exhaustive research proved that the essence of success lies within 17 simple principles that, when used together, serve as an infallible formula for achievement.
  These 17 key principles are the foundation of The Science of Personal Achievement, a comprehensive course in success that empowers you to convert any adversity into advantage.


  Begin this course by conditioning your mind to see the benefit in any situation. Learn to unleash the extraordinary power of positive thinking. Gain unflinching belief in yourself and your ideas. Motivate others with your enthusiasm and faith.
  With Napoleon Hill’s guidance, you will achieve a level of mental self-mastery that will enable you consistently to:

• Overcome fears to reach your achievements
• Maintain self-discipline and self-confidence
• Develop strong personal initiative
• Focus your thoughts into clear plans of action

  The Science of Personal Achievement gives you the mental skills needed to meet the challenge of transforming your ideas into realized accomplishments.
  Discover proven strategies for bouncing back from failure. Manage your time effectively. Inspire others to work with you. And master these fundamentals:

• 2 golden keys that open any door
• 8 principles that boost mind power
• 9 basic motives that inspire action
• 10 invisible guides that help you reach your objectives
• Over 2 dozen basic traits of pleasing personalities

  Consistently attain your goals as you incorporate the 17 principles at the heart of this course into your daily life. Become the architect of your destiny, capable of building a lifetime of accomplishment.
  Whether you are striving for success in your career or in your personal life, Napoleon Hill’s unique, universal philosophies will lead you directly to the source of all life’s riches.


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