21 February 2017      

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Live in a Helpful, Supportive Universe
Wayne Dyer

Become a Mental Chemist
Wilferd A. Peterson

The Balance between Love and Everything
tom walsh

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If logic tells you that life is a meaningless accident, don't give up on life.  Give up on logic.

Shira Milgrom

Everyone is a prisoner of his or her owm experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices--just recognize them.

Edward R. Murrow

The first question to be answered by any individual or any social group, facing a hazardous situation, is whether the crisis is to be met as a challenge to strength or as an occasion for despair.

Harry Emerson Fosdick

Live in a Helpful, Supportive Universe
Wayne Dyer

One of the most important decisions you'll ever make is choosing the kind of universe you exist in:  is it helpful and supportive or hostile and unsupportive?  Your answer to this question will make all the difference in terms of how you live your life and what kind of Divine assistance you attract.

Remember that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not.  So if you're sure that this is an unfriendly universe, you'll look for examples to support this point of view.  You'll anticipate people attempting to cheat, judge, take advantage of, and otherwise harm you.  You'll blame the antagonistic, inhospitable cosmos for not cooperating with you in the fulfillment of your desires.  You'll point the finger at belligerent folks and bad luck for the kind of world we all live in.  Since this worldview trickles down into every thought you have, you become a person persistently looking for occasions to be offended, and therefore in possession of a whole slew of excuses.

I implore you to see the universe as a warm and supportive one. . . because you'll look for evidence to support this view.  When you believe that the universe is friendly, you see friendly people.  You look for circumstances to work in your favor.  You expect good fortune flowing into your life.  In other words, you aren't looking for excuses!

My favorite affirmation when I feel stuck or out of sorts is:  Whatever I need is already here, and it is all for my highest good.  Jot this down and post it conspicuously throughout your home, on the dashboard of your car, at your office, on your microwave oven, and even in front of your toilet!  Remind yourself:  I live in a friendly universe that will support any thing or desire that is aligned with the universal Source of all.  Such a stance will be a giant step toward living an excuse-free life.

Affirming that what you want is already here and all you have to do is connect to it causes you to remember that what you attract is for your highest good, so you can then let go of the timing issue altogether.  Just know that it is here and will arrive on God's schedule--as does everything that makes the journey from nonbeing to being.

I've found that by shifting my belief about the nature of the universe, I attract whatever I desire into my life.  I desire love.  I desire peace.  I desire health.  I desire happiness.  I desire prosperity.  Why would I want to hold the view that our universe is unsupportive, evil, and unfriendly?  How could I expect the Divine realm to hear me if I'm asking it to be something other than what it is?  Thus, I see my desires in perfect rapport with how the universe works.

When I pray, I do so in the spirit of Saint Francis.  Rather than ask God to grant him peace, this inspiring man beseeched God to "make me an instrument of Thy peace."  In other words, "Let me be like the Source from which I originated, and then I will rest in the knowing that it must be here, on its way, and for my highest good."  As you can see, there's no room for excuses when you apply this model to your everyday life.

As I've written and said many times, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."  And this applies to the entire universe.


Within the pages of this transformational book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer reveals how to change the self-defeating thinking patterns that have prevented you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health.  Even though you may know what to think, actually changing those thinking habits that have been with you since childhood might be somewhat challenging.   If I changed, it would create family dramas . . . Iím too old or too young . . . Iím far too busy and tired . . . I canít afford the things I truly want . . . may all seem to be true, but theyíre in fact just excuses.  So the business of modifying habituated thinking patterns really comes down to tossing out the same tired old excuses and examining your beliefs in a new and truthful light.


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Become a Mental Chemist
Wilferd A. Peterson

Legend tells us that behind Lincoln's life there were three dynamic words of inspiration. 

Those three words were spoken to the young Lincoln as his mother was dying.  Calling the boy to her, and tenderly stroking his face with her fingers, Lincoln's mother said:  "Be somebody, Abel"  The inspiration of those words lifted Lincoln from a log cabin to the White House.  They inspired him to think, study, grow.  Years later the great man said, "All that I am or ever hope to be I owe to my angel mother!" 

Three words spoken by a poor pioneer woman worked a miracle. 

Each of us has the power to inspire or depress, to lift others or to push them down.  We should look well to our words. 

When you inspire someone you become a mental chemist. 

If you have a container of water you can change the color of the water by dropping a dye into it.  At first there is no noticeable change, but as the dye in the water is increased, drop by drop, the color of the water gradually changes. 

The thought-life of a person may be changed in the same way.  The inspirational chemistry that we may use consists of our acts, our spoken words, our written words. 

What are some of the inspirational chemical elements that we can use to inspire others? 

Appreciation.  Pass the praise along.  Praise stimulates and results in improved work, for it increases people's confidence.  They feel that they belong, that they are on the team.  Praise a child's good marks or good behavior and watch that child improve.

Vision.  Often people quit because the future is clouded.  They feel there is no hope.  It is as though they are trying to look in to the future through a soot-covered window.  Wash the window so that they can see through its gleaming surface into the months and years ahead.  Many a young person bas been helped and inspired to carry on because someone has shown him or her the possibilities of the future. 

Faith.  Most of all we need someone to have faith in us, especially when we meet with failures and reverses.  Faith is a steadying quality.  When someone believes in us and in the work we are doing we are greatly strengthened.  Edison was sent home from school because the teacher said he was hopeless.  Years later Edison said, "I won out because my mother never for a single moment lost faith in me." 

Courage.  Someone has said that beaten paths are for beaten people.  People with new ideas, big plans, great ambitions, noble dreams, need someone to lift them up, cheer them on, stimulate them to dare, to wrestle with so-called impossibilities, and to win.  Every new idea, from steamboats to airplanes, has met with ridicule and opposition.  But someone believed in those ideas enough to urge the inventors on. 

Imagination.  Arousing the imagination arouses the creative powers of people.  Help people to see themselves as they wish to be.  Help them to visualize themselves succeeding.  Help them to dream great dreams. 

Patience.  People need to be taught the wisdom of working and waiting.  Many a person has left the dock just before his or her ship came in.  Time has great power to solve problems.  Counsel patience. 

Love.  The most wonderful inspirational chemistry we can use on another is the gift of our love and acceptance.  Devoted and unquestioned love has a magic creative power.  The consciousness of being loved is an uplifting, saving, healing force that causes one to go on when otherwise it would be impossible to do so. "Love," said Emerson, "is the affirmative of affirmatives."


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It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate
between a time for learning and a time for play
without seeing the vital connection between them.

Leo Buscaglia



The Balance between Love and Everything

Love is an area in which we probably shouldn't be searching for much of a balance at all, isn't it?  Of course, we should try to strike a balance between loving others and loving ourselves, and we shouldn't limit our love to just a few people in our lives.  But when all is said and done, isn't all of life a journey towards being able to love unconditionally with an unlimited sense of love that we can share with everyone?  Isn't love the strongest force on the planet, and something that is unlimited within us--if we learn how to defeat the anger and the fear and allow love to be unlimited?

Not all things are meant to be in balance with other things.  It would be silly to think of saying that we want to develop our fears because our love is growing too strong.  It would be silly to try to balance hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water, because it's not right that there are two hydrogen molecules and only one oxygen molecule.  Do we really want to balance every ingredient in our food?  Would it be a good thing to make sure that we have a minute of play for every minute of work that we do?

The fact is, of course, that a half-hour of play each day can easily balance out the eight hours of work that we do and make us feel much better, and allow us to work much more effectively.  Having less sugar than flour in a cake allows both ingredients to have their maximum effect.  Accepting the fact that there are two hydrogen molecules for each oxygen molecules allows us to let water be water without messing with it--and thus keep everything on this world alive still. 


When we love, we always strive to become better than we are.
When we strive to become better than we are,
everything around us becomes better too.

Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist

So not everything needs to be completely balanced.  Some things definitely should not be.  We don't try to balance light and darkness to come up with an environment that's only half-lit, and the sun when it comes out lights up everything.  That's how it should be with love.  The love that we share with others in our lives should be like the sun--it should illuminate everything in its path, everything with which it comes in contact.

But the light of love can be even more effective than the light of the sun.  The sun is limited as to what it can touch--if there's something in the way, then we see a shadow because the light can't touch it directly.  Love, on the other hand, isn't limited by walls or obstructions, except for those that are created by people specifically to keep love out.  Love can work its way through cracks and around walls and under doors and even through bricks and cement.  Love can pierce the hardest heart, and it can do its work stealthily and steadily even when it seems that it's having no effect at all.  When light hits something directly, we have clear visual evidence of its existence.  When love hits something directly, we often have no visual evidence of that fact at all.

But we know that it's doing its work.  We just have to trust it, and that's called faith.

Some people withhold the love they show because they feel that not enough love is being "shown back to them."  Love, though, is not a tool of barter.  We don't show love to get love.  It's definitely not something that's used in transactions.  Yet many people refuse to show love because they feel that other people somehow don't deserve it because they don't show enough love back.  What we need to keep in mind is that the people who are unable to show and share their love are the people who need our love the most.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Martin Luther King Jr.

When we love, we put behind ourselves our petty differences and our judgments and our hostility.  More importantly, though, when we love we put behind ourselves our fear, that part of ourselves that controls so many of our actions and our words.  We treat others differently because we fear rejection or we fear being hurt; but love doesn't worry about rejection or hurt because it knows that it can handle them both.  Love knows that if someone hurts us, that fact is a reflection of who the other person is, and not necessarily an indication of who we are--especially if we're coming from a place of love.

Of course, I'm not talking about what we often refer to as "romantic love," which is really a form of neediness masquerading as caring for others.  If we try to expand this type of manipulative feeling, then we're bound to be disappointed and disappointing to others, who really don't deserve for us to be manipulating them.  I'm talking about love, the unconditional kind that we feel for our fellow human beings--no matter gender or politics or sexual preference or opinions--and our planet and all the other creatures and plants on it.  I'm talking about the love that fills our hearts and keeps us focused on doing all that we can for our fellow creatures on this planet simply because love tells us that that is our highest calling.

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get--
only what you are expecting to give--which is everything.
What you will receive in return varies.  But it really has no
connection with what you give.  You give because you love
and cannot help giving.  If you are very lucky, you may be
loved back.  That is delicious, but it does not necessarily happen.

Katharine Hepburn

So what do we do about love?  Do we work at making it the most dominant force in our lives, or do we back away from it because of fear and anxiety?  Do we limit the love we show because no one's showing it back at the moment?  Do we convince ourselves that we don't need to show love because everyone we know already has enough love in their lives?

It's important that we keep in mind that there does NOT need to be a balance in our lives between love and something else.  Love should overbalance everything else, for if all of us were to allow this to happen, imagine what kind of world we would have!  You can share your love with the people in your lives, and not worry about being loved back, and not worry about whether that love goes further out than your own sphere of influence.  Let it grow, let it overwhelm you, even, and then spread it out into the world like gobs of icing on a beautiful cake.  Let others benefit from your love, and don't worry at all about being loved back--the love will come back to you in its own way, not necessarily the way (or even when) you expect it to.

More on love.


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Hope works in these ways:  it looks for the good in people instead of harping on the worst; it discovers what can be done instead of grumbling about what cannot; it regards problems, large or small, as opportunities; it pushes ahead when it would be easy to quit; it "lights the candle" instead of "cursing the darkness."



Be yourself and only yourself.
Be careful what you allow
into your body and into your space.
Even the food you put into your body
is crucial to your well-being
and to your sense of Self.
Take care of yourself.
Do not allow anything outside of you
to contaminate you.
Whatever you read affects you.
The television programs you watch,
the movies you see
and the music you listen to
have a profound impact on you.
Be discriminating.
Be discerning.
But do not be judgmental.
If you live a refined life,
you will become more refined.
Choose your friends wisely.
Do not allow others to get caught up
inside you or attached to you.
And don't you become caught up with
or attached to others.
You must be yourself and only yourself
If you are to know the truth of who you are.

Leonard Jacobson


Love is something you and I must have.  We must have it because our spirit
feeds upon it.  We must have it because without it we become weak and faint.
Without love our self-esteem weakens.  Without it our courage fails.  Without
love we can no longer look confidently at the world.  We turn inward and begin
to feed upon our own personalities, and little by little we destroy ourselves.
With it we are creative.  With it we march tirelessly.  With it, and
with it alone, we are able to sacrifice for others.

Chief Dan George


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