Advertise on Living Life Fully

We're interested in only one type of advertising agreement:  a completely exclusive agreement that would make your ads the only ones on the site (with the exception of links to my novels).  When we do reach such an agreement with an advertiser, we'll remove all Google and Amazon ads to provide exclusivity.

The reason for this is simple--we don't want to bog down our site with tons of ads from different companies and groups that will dilute the ads' effectiveness.  Also, with the huge number of pages on the site, it would simply be impossible for us to manage them all on a weekly or monthly basis.

Ads would run on every page of the site (currently well over 1000), as well as possibly on the daily meditations and quotations that we send out (we would have to negotiate this possibility).  Because of this, any ads that we run would have to complement the content of the site--this requirement obviously benefits the advertiser as well as the site.

We would provide no guarantees of numbers of ad impressions, though we do have significant traffic to the site.  We also would commit 15% of any ad revenues to advertising our site, which would give an exclusive advertiser even stronger results for their investment.

Due to the large number of pages and the amount of time necessary to add and delete ads, any advertising agreement would necessarily be for a quarter at a time.  Rates are negotiable.

Advertising on Living Life Fully® would be a great way to gain exposure with a target market that is very interested in their own lives, people who tend to be caring and compassionate and willing to take action to make positive change in their own lives.  It would also be a chance to expose such people to products that can help them to do exactly what they're looking to do.  Probably the greatest benefit to any advertiser, though, would be in the goodwill generated through their association with a site that's focused on positive and uplifting material.  It may also be possible for us to negotiate a "sponsored by" relationship that could create even stronger goodwill, as well as a stronger synergy that would bring even more visitors to both our site and yours.

If you're interested in learning more about making such an arrangement, you can simply email us at admin at (@ sign, no spaces).