It's time to relax.

Another effective method for relaxing involves thinking pleasant thoughts and sending your mind to places that are relaxing and peaceful.
We all have heard about the idea of visualizing an empty tropical beach.  The weather's warm, and the sound of the surf crashing to the shore is soothing and relaxing.  There's a gentle breeze blowing in off the water, cooling your skin as you lay back in a hammock that's stretched out between two palm trees.  You lay in the shade, your eyes closed, thinking peaceful thoughts.
Your place may not be a beach.  Your most relaxing place may be a clearing in a forest, or a mountaintop meadow, or a large rock in the middle of a river.  Whatever type of place you may want to think of, try to find the peace in that place.
If it's warm, feel the warmth on your skin.  If you prefer a cold or rainy place, feel the pleasure of being bundled up against the elements.  Perhaps you're reclined under a blanket on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands, watching the rain or the snow fall outside.
Think of the sounds that you hear, the flowing water or the blowing wind.  There may be crickets or birds or coyotes or wolves howling in the distance.
The solitude is peaceful and relaxing, and not at all stressful.  In your mind, you see yourself enjoying the peace and quiet that being alone can bring.  For this moment, you don't want to think thoughts that someone else puts into your mind, no matter how much you love this person.  You are where you are, and you are enjoying it, and you are as relaxed as you can be.

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