August 10


Today's Quotation:

You know, we can't get out of life alive.  We can either die in the bleachers or die on the field.  We might as well come down on the field and go for it!

Les Brown

Today's Meditation:

There are many analogies that compare life to a game.  Sometimes it's a game on the field between competitors, and other times it's a board game that you have to go through many obstacles in order to solve.  In all of the cases, the analogies assume that we're players in the game, not just spectators who are sitting in the stands watching other people do what they do.

Unfortunately, many people have relegated themselves to the position of spectator.  My guess is that usually, they don't even realize that they've done so until it's far too late for them to do anything about it.  Years can go by that end up being lost years if we're not careful, and that would be a shame.

While I don't believe that life is competition, as many of the people who make these analogies would have us believe, I do believe that it's important for us to be active participants in our lives rather than passive observers.  Not all of us will be starters or stars, but we sure can do a good job helping to train the starters, helping to teach them the important lessons of love and respect and dignity and honor.  It's widely known in the cycling world that those people who win major races have the strongest teams behind them.  Some of the best players in football never have gone to the Super Bowl because they don't have strong teams supporting them; Tom Brady won the game in his first year as a starting quarterback because he was part of an organization that stressed team above all else-- they refused to be introduced as individuals at the start of the game, choosing instead to be introduced as a team.

Get in there and play whatever role your life calls for you to play.  Play it with pride and with dignity, and be a role model for those who will come after you and have different roles to play.  Don't just sit on the sidelines and wish you were out there-- put yourself out there in the thick of things and enjoy it as much as you can.  You will die someday, and you don't know when that will be.  Make sure that on the day you day, you can say "I certainly gave it all that I got," and then you can leave this world with a smile.

Questions to ponder:

1.  How much longer do you have on this planet?  If you're not sure, then what will you do with that time?

2.  What does it mean to you personally to go "down on the field and go for it"?

3.  What effect can we have on others if we spend our lives as spectators?
What effect can we have if we play the best we can all through life?

For further thought:

The only way to know truly is through practical experiment and experience.  Theory and speculation, if they are not followed by trial and demonstration, are useless. . . . Knowledge itself is of little or no value if it does not lead to action.

Henry T. Hamblin

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