August 6


Today's Quotation:

Life is a building.  It rises slowly, day by day throughout the years.  Every new lesson we learn lays a block on the edifice, which is rising silently within us.  Every experience, every touch of another life on ours, every influence that impresses us, every book we read, every conversation we hear, every act of our commonest days, adds something to the invisible building.

James R. Miller

Today's Meditation:

If our life truly is a building, then we must be patient enough to build it well.  For me, quite honestly, this can be pretty difficult.  I like things to be done quickly, and I often have a hard time not rushing through things and letting them take the time they need to be done.  I don't know how or why this came to be, but that's the way things are with me.  When I drive by construction sites, I often can't believe how slowly things are going, and I start to think that they should hurry things up and get them done more quickly.

But just how many experiences, how many conversations, how many acts can we fit into a day or a week?  And if we try to fit in too many, how well are we going to reflect on what we've learned?  What are we going to get out of our experiences if we try to rush from experience to experience in order to build our building more quickly?  Patience with ourselves and with our growth is one of the most important elements of our lives, yet it's something that not many of us show.

We deserve patience, though.  We deserve to be allowed to grow at a pace that will allow us to grow well and to grow strong.  If we feed a plant too much fertilizer to try to get it to grow more quickly, it will usually die.  If we don't let a building's foundation set properly in its own time, we'll be building on a weak foundation.

Who we are definitely is determined day by day, week by week, year by year.  Defining ourselves and developing ourselves simply take time, and the best thing that we can do for ourselves is to be patient with ourselves and not expect ourselves to develop as people more quickly than we experience the lessons we need to learn in order to grow.

Questions to ponder:

1.  What are some of the experiences that you go through that help you to grow?

2.  Is patience one of the strongest virtues of our society or culture?

3.  How can we develop our patience to make it stronger?

For further thought:

Flowers do not force their way with great strife.  Flowers open to perfection slowly in the sun.  Don't be in a hurry about spiritual matters.  Go step by step, and be very sure.

White Eagle

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