June 15


Today's Quotation:

If you let your fear of consequence prevent you from following your deepest instinct, your life will be safe, expedient, and thin.

Katharine Butler Hathaway

Today's Meditation:

I can do whatever I want with my life.  I can let fear and greed rule me if I so choose, and I can do my best to spend my life accumulating material things.  I can live from my ego, my most superficial self, and I can live for self-gratification above all else.  No one can stop me from doing so-- it's my life.

The question I have to ask myself if I do so, though, is what my life will turn out to be like if I do so.  If I don't live from my deeper self, from my better self, what kind of person will I turn out to be?  Will I find peace and happiness, or will I turn out to be miserable and frustrated?

If I allow fear to keep me from doing things that I know in my heart to be right and true, what will my life be like?  I may get through things more quickly and easily because I'm not making any waves or facing any conflict, but what will my heart say to that?  Will I be satisfied that I've truly been me, or will I regret not having pursued those things that my heart told me were true and necessary?

"Safe, expedient, and thin."  These are words that should serve as warnings-- words that should make us see what we may become if we choose to let our fear make our decisions for us.

I can live my life letting my fear control me, but what are the consequences of doing so?  Who will I be if I let my fear build who I am, rather than letting the higher parts of myself do the building?

Questions to ponder:

1.  Can you think of ways that your fear has determined your actions in certain situations?

2.  Have things turned out well when you've obeyed your fear rather than your conscience?

3.  How can you recognize your highest instinct and follow it?

For further thought:

No passion so effectively robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.

Edmund Burke

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