November 19


Today's Quotation:

Were all doing time.  As soon as we get born, we find ourselves assigned to one little body, one set of desires and fears, one family, city, state, country, and planet.  Who can ever understand exactly why or how it comes down as it does?  The bottom line is, here we are.  Whatever, wherever we are, this is what weve got.  Its up to us whether we do it as easy time or hard time.

Bo Lozoff

Today's Meditation:

Here we are.  This is what we've got.  These two phrases are beautifully refined comments that very accurately express the essence of our existence on this planet.  Here we are, and while we may wish to be elsewhere, we aren't.  We may be elsewhere-- and can be, if we wish-- tomorrow or even fifteen minutes from now, but right now, guess what?

We may wish to have more things or other things, and next week we may have them.  But for right now, we have what we have, and we have the choice-- do we enjoy what we have or make ourselves unhappy by pining after that which we don't have but wish we did?

Understanding it all isn't that important.  It is important to continue to try to comprehend our lives if we're to continue to learn, but when we realize that learning takes time and no doors to complete knowledge are going to open up magically so that we can see all of the secrets of life, then we see that it's important to accept what we are and where we are and what we have and make the very best of all of it that we can.

While many people back away from taking responsibility for their own happiness or unhappiness, we don't have to be like the many.  We can look at our lives realistically and take what we have and who we are for exactly what it's worth-- a lot-- and make our time here on this planet much easier on us.  And if we do that, we can contribute to making the time easier for everyone else with whom we come into contact.  It truly is up to us.

Questions to ponder:

1.  What do the words "right here, right now" mean to you?

2.  Do you tend to make things in your life easier or more difficult?

3.  How many people end up truly understanding all there is to know about life?

For further thought:

Be here in the moment, as an artist is here with focused attention, whether you are cooking, cleaning, praying, playing, or reading.  Be here in the moment, as an athlete is here in that sweet spot of time when everything is effortless, fluid, and free.  The banquet is spread before us, and it is the wish of the Divine Host that we partake of the present moment without regrets for the past or fears of the future.  Pledge yourself to the moment and let it teach you.  Surrender yourself to the moment and let it preach you.

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

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