October 22


Today's Quotation:

It can be tempting to blame others for our loss of direction.  We get lots of information about life but little education in life from parents, teachers, and other authority figures, who should know better from their experience.  Information is about facts.  Education is about wisdom and the knowledge of how to love and survive.  But no matter how much advice you get, you are the one who chooses which train to board.  As you pass through life, pay attention to the signs and stations; if you don't like the scenery, pull the emergency cord and get off the train.  There is no other conductor in charge.  There is no one who needs to give you permission to transfer.  This is your life.  Your journey.  Your trip to conduct.

Bernie Siegel

Today's Meditation:

Bernie's distinction between information and education is one of the most important things that we can learn in our lives, I believe.  Our world of today constantly throws us information in wave after wave of stuff that we really don't need to know at all, and we're taught that this information is somehow critically important to us.  It's not.  Information can't help us in most of our life situations that are truly important, like spending time with a loved one after a death or helping someone to cope with a loss or a difficulty.  Those are times when compassion and understanding are the most important things we can show.

We don't have to continue to fill our brains with information.  Facts and figures and numbers may help us in a conversation or two, but years from now-- or even weeks from now-- most of the facts that we learn today will be completely useless.  What will last is what we learn about loving and surviving and becoming the people we were meant to be.  What will last are the things that we can pass on to others in the hope that they can live happy, healthy lives.

Is your train going in the direction you want it to?  Are you learning what you want to learn on your voyage?  If the answer is "no," then there's a good chance that you got on the wrong train in the last station, or even a few stations ago.  But as Bernie says, this is your trip, and there are many more trains going in many different directions that you can board whenever you wish.

The trains that teach you how to love yourself and others, the trains that expose you to true wisdom so that you may learn about life and living-- those are the trips that are truly worth our time, and the ones that will teach us lessons that will last.

Questions to ponder:

1.  What do you see as the difference between information and wisdom?

2.  Why is information shared so much more than wisdom?

3.  Who decides what we learn during the course of our lifetimes?

For further thought:

Most people are just trying to get through the day.  Be committed to learn to get from the day.  Donít just get through it; get from it.  Learn from it.  Let the day teach you.  Join the university of life.  What a difference that will make in your future.  Commit yourself to learning.  Commit yourself to absorbing.  Be like a sponge.  Get it.  Donít miss it.

Jim Rohn

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