October 27


Today's Quotation:

Life is short and we never have enough time for gladdening the hearts of those who travel the way with us.  Oh, be swift to love!  Make haste to be kind!

Henri Frederic Amiel

Today's Meditation:

If ever there were true words to live by, these may be them!  What a beautiful thought, and what a beautiful way of living.  An easy way of life?  No, not at all-- at least, not until we learn to give up most of our expectations and judgments and prejudices.  I believe that when and if we do reach a place in life when it's possible to live by these words, we will find ourselves at a place at which our lives are incredibly fulfilling and extremely enjoyable.

What would it feel like to end each day knowing that we've spread love and kindness?  How liberating would it be to know that we've helped other people to see life more brightly, more joyously?  What would it feel like to approach each day knowing that we were going to take every opportunity to brighten the lives of others?

Life is short, and much of what we focus on really does very little to make us better people or to help others to get the most possible out of their trips through life.  But we are all on this trip together, and when I help out a fellow traveler, I am also helping myself and everyone else on the journey.  All of our lives become more pleasant, more fulfilling, and more enjoyable.

Let us gladden the hearts of those who travel with us!  This is one of the few acts that has strong effects for many, many people in life, and one that helps us to grow truly into the people we were meant to become while we're here.

Questions to ponder:

1.  In what ways can you spread love and kindness?

2.  What are some of the possible effects of doing so?

3.  How many people might be affected by the kindness you show to one person?

For further thought:

All the kindness which a person puts out into the world works on the heart and thoughts of humankind.

Albert Schweitzer

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