September 2


Today's quotation:

When we are conscious of being part of a wider universe, we can begin to see that what we do matters.  Every action we take has a consequence somewhere, whether good or bad.  Everything that happens affects a part of the whole body of life.  Having this knowledge of being part of something larger may motivate us to contribute to the greater good in whatever ways we can.

Sallirae Henderson

Today's Meditation:

One of the things that keep many people from contributing their gifts to the world is a feeling of powerlessness, a feeling that whatever they do is somehow worthless and that it doesn't have any sort of effect on anyone else at all.  Because they can't see an obvious result of their actions, they don't act at all.

But the problem isn't one of our actions not having an effect; rather, the problem is our inability (or even unwillingness) to see the effects that our actions have.  Sometimes we're afraid that the effects will be negative or that they won't live up to our own expectations, so we try not to see the results.  Other times we're afraid of the criticism of others, so we disown our own thoughts or actions.

We are, though, an integral part of something much larger than ourselves.  You can call it what you'd like-- the universe, the Force, the collective consciousness-- but we are a part of it.  And what we do has an effect that can be very significant, if we allow it to be significant.  We are limited only by the limitations that we put on ourselves, and many of those are the result of the limits we place on our own vision to "protect" ourselves from disappointment.

Once we do start to see ourselves as part of something much larger, though, we open up the world of possibility that's already within us, as we start to see how everything in this world works together, including our contributions, no matter how modest they may be.  There is a greater good, and it can be strengthened only through millions of seemingly minute contributions; it most certainly couldn't survive if it were determined only through large, earth-shaking contributions, the kind that happen very, very rarely.

Questions to consider:

What are some of your most recent contributions to the greater good?

What kinds of thoughts and ideas keep us from contributing freely to the greater good?

Why should we be concerned whether or not we contribute to the world on our own scale?

For further thought:

When the world seems large and complex, we need to remember that great world ideals all begin in some home neighborhood.

Konrad Adenauer

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