September 20


Today's quotation:

When I think of my past, I try to dwell on the good times, the happy moments, and not to be haunted by the bad. . .  To me the gift of life is contained in the command, whatever happens:  “Don’t let it get you.  Just keep on going.”  Thus, I try to think of the good that I have already experienced and what will still be coming.

Rose Kennedy

Today's Meditation:

There is an awful lot of good in the world.   In all of our lives, there have been many, many good moments.  I could write a very long book about the bad things that have happened in my life, but those things no longer interest me.  And I don't believe the people who say that I have to remember those things or else I'm just repressing memories-- there's nothing saying that I have to continue to focus on things that have happened in my past, whether bad or good.  I'm not hurting myself at all by focusing on the positive; rather, I'm helping myself by helping my body and mind to be affected by the positive energy this world has to offer, and I'm keeping my mind on the things that truly matter.

Yes, I've learned from my negative experiences, but I've also let go of the vast majority of them (I'm still working on it!).  This allows me to find more and more positive things in my life and in the world, because I'm not bringing myself down by continually reminding myself of the negative.

There are many haunted people in the world, people unable or unwilling to leave behind for always the negative things that have happened to them.  The bad things of the past continue to hurt them-- they hurt them when they happened, they hurt them today because the memories keep them down, and they'll hurt them tomorrow when they continue to focus on them.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of things from your past do you hold on to?

Why do you think we tend to continue to focus on so many negative things?

What might we do to help ourselves let go of some things that we need to let go of?

For further thought:

There's something special for everyone to do.  Remember, no experience is a bad experience unless you gain nothing from it.

Lyndon Baines Johnson

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