April 11    

Today's quotation:

You can rest assured that if you devote your time and attention to the highest advantage of others, the Universe will support you, always and only in the nick of time.

R. Buckminster Fuller

Today's Meditation:

Part of the reason that we don't devote ourselves to others is that we fear that if we don't devote ourselves to ourselves, then we won't be taken care of.  We've learned that life isn't to be trusted, that we have to make things happen ourselves if we're to have anything beneficial occur to us or for us.

But the universe is not indifferent.  Call it God, call it the Universe, call it the Force, call it what you will--but life is not indifferent.  We get from life what we give to life, and if we spend our time giving--even emotionally and spiritually, not just materially--we will be given back to.  The trick is not to give just in order to get back--the trick is to give fully and unconditionally, without any expectation of return.  Only then will the return be just what we need in life--perhaps not a load of riches, but enough for who we are, where we are, and what we need.

I've had enough experiences in which what I need shows up just when I need it that I'm starting to realize (it takes me a while) that my needs will be met.  I don't need to focus all my time and energy on meeting my needs, for when I do that I find that I end up creating more needs for myself!  Rather, I can spend time and energy working for others and finding plenty of fulfillment, all the while seeing my needs lessen even as they're met!

I'm convinced that if I sincerely trust life and God and the Universe, if I end up having a million-dollar need (such as a medical bill), that million dollars would be there.  As I grow older, though, five or ten bucks here and there will take care of most of my personal needs.  Add to that the needs of the kids and other people in my life, and the price adds up, but not by that much.  And if I keep my focus on others, my own needs are met, whether I notice that fact at the time or not.

Questions to consider:

What are your most important needs?  Are they being met?

How might we work to sabotage the process of having our needs met?

Do you trust the Universe?  Is the Universe trustworthy?

For further thought:

If you take a moment or two, every once in a while, to sit still and listen to your heart, you’d find that your world is safe and that there is no problem without a solution.  But you’ve got to learn to trust - trust life, your God, your very being.  And as you trust, you’ll see that your problems start to disappear as mist before the morning sun.

John Harricharan

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